1 Breast Bigger , Also an Open Wound - Coral Gables, FL

Tomorrow is going to be a month since i got a...

Tomorrow is going to be a month since i got a breast lift/ implants inserted and I want to know if it's normal that 1 breast looks bigger than the other and if the implants have actually settled down? Because I simply don't believe they have. My breast look completely uneven. I also have an open wound which has me super paranoid I'm applying Neosporin but it doesn't seem to be getting any better just worse and my doctor is advising me that everything is "normal" but I don't see how . I'm simply not happy
Who is your surgeon? What size and type of implant? Are you in a sports bra for recovery?
The implants will likely not completely drop and fluff for another couple of months, so shape and size and symmetry are not settled yet. This is normal...they just need more time...especially if you got large implants. The spot that hasn't healed yet doesn't look infected...just not healed yet. It can take longer than a month, too. Get lots and lots of protein and vitamin C, definitely do not smoke or be near secondhand smoke AT ALL, and if you have diabetes keep extremely right control of your sugars. If your blood pressure runs high, keep that managed as well. Keep it clean and dry, apply Neosporin per your doctor's instructions, and be patient. Hope this helps!
Your post operative course is not typical. Wounds can be slow to heal in this location but there are better wound management strategies that you could be using. Shape and asymmetry can still improve with time but continue to communicate with your Plastic Surgeon. 3 months of slow but steady progress would be common with this process. If you are not progressing then consider another opinion.
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