Gastric Bypass or Lap Band - Cooperstown, NY

I am 5'1'' and 195 pounds. I have a BMI of 37. I...

I am 5'1'' and 195 pounds. I have a BMI of 37. I do qualify to have either one of these surgeries done but not sure which way to go. I do have some health issues but none that will restrict me from surgery.

Im not overly obese but I would like to be healthier. Can you loose to much weight after gastric bypass? What complications could I face? Anyone have complications with the lap band? Which would be better for me?


Have had gastric bypass 2008, have gained back 30 pounds in the last year. don't seem to have my stop full feeling anymore . my question is can u have lapband after gastric bypass I don't want to gain my weight back but want that stop feeling. or can my pouch be made smaller again?

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Hey there,

I've never heard of a Lap Band after a bypass. You may want to submit a question to the doctors, using our doctor Q&A form.

Hope this helps!

Kirsty,,,when you having your gastric bypass?
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