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Great Results After Just 2 Weeks...

After reading lots of reviews, I was lucky enough...

After reading lots of reviews, I was lucky enough to find that the best doctor for this procedure is just 20 minutes from where I live. My procedure included love handles, stomach and flanks (back). At 5'8" and 165, my BMI was well within range but all of my fat was concentrated around my middle area. You are awake for the entire procedure. I was worked on for 5 hours! It consisted of a quick local anathesia, followed by injecting 1200 cc (over the 5 hours) into my various areas; apply laser heat to melt the fat; sucking the fat and some of the liquid out; heating again at a different wave length to tighten the skin; and then checking the area again for more of this to ensure as much fat as possible is removed, the area is smooth, and there are not big lumps. I was swollen when I left because they estimated I still have 950 cc of liquid in me that would need to leave "naturally." I went back to work 2 days later working a compression garment. People immediately noticed the difference without knowing why. 2 weeks later, pants are now comfortable and it is clear that I have lost quite abit -- even though I have 3+ months to see full results. I started doing light work outs just a week later and today have started doing regular, more intense work outs. You do need to exercise after you are done, including ab work outs, to get the most from the procedure. I will post before and after pics in July or August.

No No No....NOT Dr. Virginia Stevens!!!!!! Please go to www.doh.wa.gov and type in Provider Credential Search and then type in Dr. Stevens name! You will see MANY allegations...along with drug/alcohol abuse, and many more!!!!! She has been forced to close her practices. I hear she declared bankruptcy. She made an enormous mess of my face and neck. Please do NOT go to Dr. Virginia Stevens! Do your homework!!!!!!!

I live close in Kenmore and I am interested in the procedure. Who was your doctor? Sarah

So far, I have seen the most change in my front area. My stomach is flat, Love handles are noticeably less. As a suggestion if you do this, after the period of wearing the compression garment is done, you should use another garmet from http://www.bodyinacinch.com/. Without this, it hurts to run as you can still feel the water "pulling" in areas when you do something strenuous. With one of their $79 garments, I can run without any discomfort. They are very comfortable and slimming as well.

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Dr. Virginia Stevens

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