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2 Weeks Post-op and Tummy Exactly the Same As Before

I had cool lipo on my lower abdomen on the 19th of...

I had cool lipo on my lower abdomen on the 19th of June and now despite it almost being two weeks, my lower abs look as bloated as before.

The experience itself was very comfortable and I felt no pain whatsoever. In fact, I felt very happy and chatted throughout the procedure. However, thinking that I would have no problems whatsoever, I got up too quickly and suffered nausea and felt faint. There was no way I could have driven home after so please do get someone to drive you home.

I had stiches on my incisions and virtually no drainage. Only the first set of bandages from the doctor had blood on them. When I took a shower the next morning and put new bandages, no more fluids came out. Is that normal?

I'm about 5'4 and weigh about 110pounds. I've always been slim and fit as I exercise religiously 3/4 times a week. However, after having 3 kids within 5 years, my tummy had developed a paunch in front that made me very self-concious, so I decided to try Cool lipo.

My doctor told me that they only took a little of the liquefied fat out and had left the rest to be naturally drained out by the body's own system. Now that I've read the threads here, it seems that I should have insisted that everything be taken out....is that true??

I've hardly any brusing, although I still can't wear jeans and my tummy is quite sore.

Can somebody tell me whether the body will really drain the rest of the fat out or will I have to re-do my tummy again?






Hi, I'm back. It's been more than 5 months and I must say that the results are negligible. My tummy is still quite large and worse, it now looks like an alien with weird lumps. I plan to complain very soon. If any of you are planning cool lipo, forget it.....so far, my friends who had vaser or conventional lipo had the best results. Good luck!
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Very normal, who did it?
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Hi George, Your post were very helpful, thanks. I had my neck, chin, upper and lower abs done as well as a laser resurfacing done 10 days ago. I was and still am a bit sore but the most uncomfortable thing is the swelling and edema around my waist! Its as if I have a five pound water ballon under my skin! I'm lumpy and distended. It's freaky. I can feel the fluid under my skin. Normal?
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