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Cool Lipo on Saddlebags - St. Louis

I had cool lipo performed on the 14th of Feb. It...

I had cool lipo performed on the 14th of Feb. It was on my saddlebags. I weigh around 125 and am 5'6" so I am thin, but my saddlebags were a huge problem for me. I could never find clothing to fit me.

It took about 3 hrs total. They took 800 cc (1 litre) of fat out of me. It was slightly painful and the leaking of fluid afterwards was frightening. I used over a bag of tampax pads to absorb the leakage, of course this is expected after the procedure, the slits in your skin are suppose to leak for about 24 -48 hours. They leak the fluid they fill you up with.

Later the pain was pretty bad. I had to use Vicadin for pain. I could not sit or sleep properly due to the incisions on my rear and sides, three in all on each leg. I am still in pain but it is worth it.. I cant believe how much it has changed my appearance. I have lost over 2 inches on each side.

I feel more confident and I can finally find clothes. I would do it a hundred times over. It was a huge success and the pain is worth the results. I have had more pain working out my hips and pain in shopping for pants than this. If you are thin and need a little help do it.

Dr. Ramos "Slim Image"

He was gentle and very nice, he really seemed like he loved what he did. His procedure was done professionally and with care.

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where is your dr located??
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Glad you got the results you wanted! I'm looking into doing the muffin top area (I'm 5'6" and 120 but that's always been my bad area and after having a baby, it's worse.)What kind of questions should I ask my dr? Why did you need to see him twice after and then again weekly? Is it just to see how you are healing? (The dr. I would go to is 5 hours away.) Any before/after pics would be great! Thanks for any help!
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I've seen my doctor once a week afterward because that's his follow up schedule for the first month. He checks for bruising, any potential fluid pockets that might be collecting, and then drains them. I've had 2 pockets drained off and the relief was instant, since the area had been a bit tender. He said my body would eventually re-absorb it, but draining it can speed the healing process. Realistic heal time is 30 days, based on my experience. Make sure you've got adequate coverage for the kids for the first few days. You'll need it. You won't want a little one crawling on your tummy or having to carry a toddler on your hip. It will be sore. I'm headed back to the gym next week--week 3 to ease back into low impact workouts. I still wouldn't want to jar everything around with a spirited aerobic workout. The doctor should give you a body binder for support. Wear it--even it feels taut. It will help alot. I've also been taking Zyrtek for itching since my torso is healing--my skin is itchy. Your abs will feel tender but hard like a rock after. My abs are relaxing and the hardness is giving way to slimmer more pliable skin each week. I know my doctor plans to take after pics at the 30 day mark. What city are you getting your procedure done?
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Well I just had my cool lipo procedure one week ago. There was an opening in the schedule and I was able to get in earlier. I decided if I was going to be recovering, I would go for it and get all the zones done I wanted and could stretch to afford. My kids were gone on spring break with their father for a week anyway. I did my upper abs, lower abs, flanks, inner thighs, and banana. Because some of those zones were smaller, the clinic combined them for a more cost-effective price for me. My lower abs were the largest area. The procedure began at 10am and I was done at 3pm. Although I was awake, I can only remember parts of the procedure now. The local anesthetic stings and you feel pressure of some pulling, but it's not bad. I was achy near the end because the initial shot for pain was wearing off. They gave me one last shot before putting me in the car for home. I slept most of the rest of that 24 hour period. I set my alarm over the first 48 hours to take the pain pill every 4-6 hours. I found it difficult to sleep as I am a side sleeper and my torso was sore in every position--since I had so many zones done. The pain was about an 8 or 9 on a 10 scale durinng the first 48 hours. I took off 2 days of work and resumed work on day 3 post-procedure--only because I can work from home. If I worked in an office I would've needed 4-5 days off since I did so many areas. It's tender to go from sitting to standing, and to use the toilet. Sitting puts pressure on that banana area. Now 7 days later the pain is down to a 2-4 on a 10 scale. I still take one pain pill in the moring and one after dinner to sleep easier. I had minor brusing, and still have considerable swelling, but it is receding. It's hard not to want immediate results, but you have to be patient with your body. I can't wait to see what I look like in 2 weeks, and then at one month! I have worn my binder garment at least 18 out of every 24 hour period. The support actually feels good. The best part of this whole experience has been the amazing before and after care from my doctor. He answered my endless list of questions, gave me personal attention at my post-op appointments, and is super easy to talk to. He uses an ultrasound machine--kinda like OB/GYN use to detect any lingering fluid pockets so he can pin point and remove with a syringe. Relatively painless, this helps the tenderness and overall healing. He makes himself readily available and I have seen him twice in the first week afterward, with a schedule to see him once a week for at least a month. I really couldn't say enough about Dr. Ramos. I know other patients have flown from other states to see him and now I know why. Even if I was concerned about something, I know he would address my concerns and fix whatever I was worried about. But so far, I'm extremely happy and can't wait to see my body again at 2 weeks and even 4 weeks out!
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Hi, I am scheduled to have Cool Lipo with Dr. Ramos the first week of April. I just went for the consult yesterday. I have researched this for months, and wanted to avoid the first and second generation lasers (SmartLipo and maybe even Vaser) hoping for the best results. The blogs read like most people who encountered problems had this procedure done on their neckline. I am going all the way here for my body. I'm doing stomach, flank, and inner thigh/banana areas. I am rather short-waisted at 5'3 and 135 lbs with a BMI of 24. I am hoping this really slims my thicker waistline. The total cost should be just over $6000. Dr. Ramos spent 55 minutes with me of the hour I was at the office. (Other consults I had--I did not even get to see the doctor!! I met with some other staffmember--presumably a nurse, but who knows?) Dr. Ramos has a calm, capable demeanor. He reassured me with photos and visuals of the procedure, showed me the equipment, the layout of the rooms, and showed me how much emulsified fat loss I should expect. Some of the girls in the office had similiar procedures conducted by Dr. Ramos, so they were able to offer feedback for realistic recovery expectations. He has conducted procedures on much larger candidates, with pictures in his office of patients who have lost TONS of weight and needed something just shy of a full body lift. This procedure's after photos in his office are staggering. Dr. Ramos indicated he enjoys getting to sculpt candidates with normal body fat because he feels he can get near perfect results, enhancing the shape of the rest of the body as a whole. I am uncertain if this website has the capacity for uploading photos, but I'll try afterward and indicate how the procedure went. Wish me luck!!
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Do you have any pictures? I had the same procedure the week before you did and am wondering what your scars look like?! Thanks! :)
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