Contour Threads Just Sagged with the Rest of my Face After a Few Months

I got contour threads for the same reason everyone...

I got contour threads for the same reason everyone else does – because it’s marketed as a low-priced, non-surgical alternative to a facelift. In fact, I think it’s aimed at the not-so-elderly crowd of 50s-somethings like me too – people whose faces aren’t quite bad enough yet to warrant surgery.

When I went for my consultation everyone in the office talked it up like contour threads were going to be "the thing to get." I don’t really need the next big thing to feel great but this gave me confidence nonetheless.

I got four threads on each side to give the whole face a nice lift. The recovery was a little worse than I expected for a non-surgical procedure but all was well again in about a week. The whole process, including consultation and after care, cost $4,000.

And guess what? Afterwards, I loved the results! Everyone thought I had knocked ten years off my face and I had not a single side effect. Even my husband, who didn’t want me to get it done and thought it was a waste of money, actually liked the results. I was the happiest little contour thread ambassador in Texas.

Fast forward four months and I started to notice the results going downhill, and I was having tiny biting feelings in my face where the threads were. It was also really starting to bother me that I could feel something in there. The whole thing just felt “not right,” you know?

Today the results have completely gone to the point that I revisited my plastic surgeon two weeks ago and was told that he can fix it and give me a “real” facelift... for the right price, naturally.

I am deeply regretful and frankly, I expected more from professionals. You expect that salespeople will lie to get your money, but a doctor? It goes against any system of trust I’ve ever established with a health care professional. Needless to say, I won’t be going for that $8,000 facelift.


Well written and thought provoking! I'm sorry for your experience which is echoed consistently on these types of boards. The cynic in me wonders whether the whole thread lift concept is simply a ruse manufactured by surgeons trying to drum up business for real surgical lifts?
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