Contour Threads Are No Longer Manfuctured! Brow Lift Failure for Me.

I had a brow lift, which failed. Contact...

I had a brow lift, which failed. Contact Angiotech Pharmaccuticals, Inc. 1618 Station [edited to remove personal contact information] Ask to speak with [edited for same reason] Angiotech Pharmaccuticals, is a clinical manager and asks questions to benefit their company. Do not answer his specific questions but you ask questions. Use caution if you speak to him, he is very kind and pursauding to benefit the company and may use the information later in order to protect the company during a civil suit. He will promise you that your cost of the procedure will be refunded; of which he will not follow through with and makes it the physicians responsibility. No one person can pursue this himself as a lawsuit. A civil suit is the only alternative we have. I too have a disaster from the contour thread lift. These non-absorbable threads are no longer being manufactured by Surgical Specialties Corporation, 100 Dennis Drive, Reading, PA 19606 U.S.A. 610-404-1000, however, these people will not speak with you.
I had my partial facelift in 2001 and 10 years later, I am still having outbreaks all over my scalp. It started a long my stitch line which goes from the upper forehead to behind both ears down my hair line. I tried to get the Medical Association to make this doctor responsible for his actions who also didn't even fill out the operative report and the 25 doctors that I saw since this procedure but to no avail. They interviewed all these doctors and they just said they didn't know what was causing my eruptions and constant infections from the eruptions, as if I it was self inflicting. I am still getting "stitch like" material from my scalp and almost like metal too. I want to sue the Medical Association and the doctor who caused this or the threads/material company that he used for this reactive procedure. This is so ridiculous that they make it impossible to hold these doctors and medical companies responsible for their actions. Anyone who can help….Please
Also had Contour thread lift little over a year ago. What a nightmare! I have tremendous nerve damage and nothing but pain ever since! Severe headaches at pains...pimples on my forehead, as well. My doctor and the Contour website at the time clearly stated that these were totally reversible..not fact, Contour changed their website later to say "reversible only after 4 weeks." My doctor would not take them out..said he couldn't..that they would break off and they have probably started to breakdown. Please let me know if your doctor will take them out!
I had a contour threadlift in July 2006./ I am pretty satisfied. I am pretty sure my Doctor can help you....Dr. Giampapa, Montclair New Jersey.
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