Countour Threads-fantastic Improvement and Natural Looking

Pros-very natural looking and less invasive than a...

Pros-very natural looking and less invasive than a facelift; Cons-occasional prickly feeling on one suture. Why I did it: Asymmetry on right side produced a tired/sad appearance. I wanted a balanced and refreshed look without a surgical appearance. I also had a lower blepharoplasty and septoplasty. Typical comment: "you look rested", or "you look different, did you change your hairstyle?" I think success lies with the surgeon performing it-mine was experienced with this procedure. Procedure was done 4 years ago-threads still strong. I am 46, but many think I'm still younger than 30.

Thanks for sharing your happy outcome.  Our understanding is that this procedure is no longer available in the US due to complications.  If anyone has different information, please let us know!


I am in S. America and just considering a thread lift, have you had anymore information on whether or not is available and complications? Many thanks.

Littleton Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. S takes a conservative approach and has a great reputation. I highly recommend him.

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