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Considering Second Tummy Tuck

After having had six children, I had tummy tuck on...

After having had six children, I had tummy tuck on 2/23. Now when I bend over, my tummy hangs. I also have loose skin below bellybutton. While standing, I am flat, but I can still suck it in more. I really like the sucked in look. I feel like maybe my mr was pulled as tight.

Updated on May 21, 2009
After having had a tummy tuck on 2/23/09,my tummy is flat when standing, but hangs when bending over. I was hoping to get a really fit look.

Would a revision tummy tuck cost as much as regular? Is it possible to tighten them further with exercise.

not sure you got an answer, but the doctors on RealSelf responded here to a question about tummy tuck revision cost

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I think you need to be very detailed about the look that you are trying to acheive.

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