Sculptra Uneven Lumps "Nodules"

I have had a vigorous immune response to this...

I have had a vigorous immune response to this product. It has been over a year and it is still all uneven and lumpy. Not the look I was going for. It looks like I have a disease, which I may actually have. The foreign body response sets of an inflammatory cascade that is both local and systemic. Steroid injections did not help.

I do not recommend this product. I used a board certified plastic surgeon who claims to be a qualified "trainer". From what I am learning If you buy a bottle of sculptra and have any kind of medical degree you can be a "trainer". There sure are alot of "trainers" in need of training.

I am learning that this may never go away without a difficult surgery. Also it still hurts. The inflammation is painful. Why was I not told about this? I think reading some of these negative outcome reviews should be mandatory prior to getting injectables with long lasting and not so pretty consequences.

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I am so sorry you are going through this. Anytime I have had something done I have signed a piece of paper saying that I understand all the risk and it list possilbe side affects which at times can be very scary. I hope you get this worked out and that your situation resolves for you.
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If doctors really wanted you to know the true risks of Sculptra then they would show you sculptra damage websites before the treatment. But if doctors informed people that these very disfiguring complications had even the tiniest chance of happening and there is no way to test people in advance to see if it will happen to them, then I would think that their profit from Sculptra would decrease significantly. The Australian information brochure states tiny nodules as a possible side effect. Hmmm... this would seem somewhat of an understatement. NoSculptra - I wish you all the best.

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Maybe Sanofi and Affiliates will just keep on changing the name. Seems that strategy has worked well for them, SO FAR. Please File your FDA Adverse Events Report on this 'medical device"!
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You were not asked to sign a piece of paper that stated all risk and that you were aware of them?
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I was given product literature flyers etc. there was some reference to injection site papules and i had no idea that long term disfigurement or even papules (to me they are tiny things not big painful bumps). It could happen to anyone out there. It may be body type or the way your body reacts to foreign bodies, I dont claim to know why some people have such serious adverse reactions. These are not included in the "paper" and are well known from when it was New Fill in Europe. The dillution here is greater and now they say to stir it with a vortex stirrer for up to 72 hours in advance so maybe there are somewhat fewer now. But the published literature states that the amount and type of collegen formed is highly variable. Some people are made very ill, some are fine. Who can say. But no in no way was I ever told or informed that this may be the outcome. I think some of these celebs look like monkeys from over fill of the nasolabial folds. Maybe they are too ashamed to admit they had sculptra? I know Joan Rivers is looking a little over filled there. In my opinion. I hope she does not develop the serious consequences that some people including myself have had. Was she informed of the risk? I saw in the FDA literature they combined papule with nodule and they idenified 20 - 50% of people had them. To me they are very different and no one told me those percentages. So no, I was not informed of a very real risk. I was TOLD it is very safe with a long history of safe use. I found that to be less then true.
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