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I had full face Ultherapy done in June, and I was...

I had full face Ultherapy done in June, and I was waiting for something SOMETHING to happen before posting. So now it's been over three months and I thought I'd make my comments.

First, yes it was painful. I took pain killers and it still hurt like crazy. But anything that can keep me from having surgery I thought would be worth the pain.
I read all the fabulous reviews (80 % thumbs up is pretty amazing). I now wonder if all those reviews are legitimate. Of course different people will have different results, so what works/doesn't work for one person may work/not work for the other. Nevertheless, I really wonder.

I am completely honest and objective when I say it has not made even a 1PERCENT improvement for me in ANY area. It was a complete waste of money, time and pain for no reason.

The doctor was very nice and thorough, his equipment was new and had a "lot of lines" and he seemed to believe in this technology.

I will come back and update in another three months, but at this point, these are my feelings. Complete waste of time, put the $$$ toward real surgery (when you finally need it) that will give you real results.

Now half a year later, back to say, ZERO change in...

Now half a year later, back to say, ZERO change in any way.
I foresee ultherapy treatments will soon be offered on Groupon for $99.
Even then, save your money for something that works!
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I am still holding the belief that, although I can't see anything, my collagen has increased a little. It's the only thing that stops me from being angry.
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Additional pain endured when I think back about how much $$$$ I spent for ZERO results : (
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I feel the same. Very disappointed.
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If the 80% thumbs are not authentic reviews (but people who bought the machine trying to drum up more business) they only hurt themselves in the long run. Because you are right...I will no longer let that influence my decision. I will wait a MUCH longer time for the technology to be out and I will need to have/see a first hand review from a friend before I EVER drop that much money on this type of thing again. HURTS!!! I could have bought a new fall wardrobe!! Saved for real cosmetic surgery---or just kept a nice chunk of $$$$ in the bank earning interest : (
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I am sorry to hear that you did not get not 1% percent improvement, I work in the aesthetics industry and have seen many Ulthera procedures done in my office, I can sincerely say everyone of our clients have had positive results with ultherapy. I can not think of one who was not satisfied. That said , yes everyone s results were not the same , some had better than others BUT all had some improvement. Maybe with time you will see some results.
Best of Luck !!!!!
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I totally agree with you ! Waste of money. I will not ever believe in some technology like this, further will keep my savings for surgery. This just unbelieveble how can be 78% of satisfaction on this site. I am starting to think there are something fake. I will not all those reviews take in consideration anymore , except those NOT worth it ...
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Nycme, I am nearly at three months and the doc told me yesterday that he didn't think I would see any more improvement. (I have seen none at all...) Very disappointing and I completely agree with you that this is a colossal waste of money.
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It is always so great to hear from someone once they are into the "should see results by" stage. I can imagine how disappointed you must feel to not see results. :( I'll be looking forward to more updates from you as the next 3 months go by.

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