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It has been a week and a half since my procedure....

It has been a week and a half since my procedure. I had the midface done. The swelling, which was quite considerable, and included some bruising under my chin, is gone. I do see improvement in the marionette lines on the side of my mouth. They are not as deep as before. My skin feels thicker. I still have minor pain but I think this is good. My skin is doing what it is supposed to be doing....making new collagen. I had pretty good skin before the procedure. I am 55 and do not have a single wrinkle, just some sagging along the jaw line.....And.... I will say that this was much more painful than I had expected even after reading all the reviews on this site. I took 4 advil before, but it did very little. I did have my Dr. use the highest settings for both passes. I want the max bang for my buck. I did have a board certified dr. perform the procedure as opposed to a nurse or esthetician, which by the way, they are NOT allowed by law to do. I am looking forward to the next 3 months to see the results, be even if it just stops the aging process from happing along the jaw line, I will be happy.
Thanks for responding so quickly, I really appreciate it and its great to hear that it is working for you. I don't smoke and eat really well and take supplements and as of the last 10 years anyway, have been wearing sunscreen heres hoping. Since you're only 6 weeks in you'll probably see more results....that's great. Good luck to you and keep us posted! =)
It has only been six weeks and I can honestly say that it works. Even though you need a full 3 months to see the results I started seeing it immedietly. Even people I meet that I havent seen in a while say that I look more "relaxed"!!! I highly recommend. Please note. I had the Dr. put the machine on the highest it would go for both phases. It's extremley painful. A "10" on the scale. And remember, this depends on your own bodies immune system and response to being burned that makes this succesful. More so than the procedure itself, as it only burns your deep dermal layers. Your body then makes more collagen and contracts due to the burn. so it's up to your own body. If you smoke, get lots of sun, dont take supplements, it will probably do nothing.
Heather, just wondering how things are progressing? Would you recommend Ultherapy as a good skin tightening treatment? I had my neck done 3.5 weeks ago and am still waiting for the magic to happen, =). Please update us, we'd love to hear if you're seeing any signs of improvement. Thanks in advance.
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