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I'm kathy, I am 31 years old 5'1 162lbs. i...

I'm kathy, I am 31 years old 5'1 162lbs. i exercise 5 times a week and i lost 31 pounds in 6 months. thank you all for posting your experience here so i can get th courage to go through with my lipo. I will be getting lipo soon with Dr. thomas sena in CT. i dont know but if there is anything that i need to know please let me know i,m anxious and scare because some people get a bad job and i would hate to do it twice,lol. will keep you guys post it. any tips.

Dr.Thomas sena MD


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Lipo is very safe these days as long as its a board certified doctor with patient reviews that have had success. Do your homework and research then it will be fine. I just had 4000CC removed and its surgery and takes a lot of time for healing.
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