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I'm finally 18 meaning I can get done what I...

I'm finally 18 meaning I can get done what I always wanted, a breast augmentation. I'm a 32A wanting to go to a 32C with saline implants implanted under the breast muscle, transaxillary(through the armpit) Im unsure how many ccs i would need to go to my desired size. Also I want my procedure done before this summer

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Good luck. Pick a Board certified Plastic Surgeon with at least 5 years experience, and it wouldn't hurt to talk to your family doctor or Mom's OB/Gyn for recommendations. Also prices vary widely, so look around and consider driving 2-4 hours if necessary to save substantial money.
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Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf! Have you gone on any consultations yet? That will help a lot in figuring out a size and what can be done with what you already have. Please keep us posted!

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