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I've been reading through a lot of posts on top of...

I've been reading through a lot of posts on top of already making my decision that I would like to do a BBL. I have maybe read through over 20 stories on here.

I'm 23 and about 5'4 , 5'5 and always had ups and downs when it comes to how I look. Right now I'm starting back up on my work out although I still want to go through with this procedure.

I already know EXACTLY what I want and it's pretty much realistic. I've seen up here with people who weigh a bit less than me say that they were told that they had to lose a little weight before doing something like this , which is completely understandable. On the other hand most of my weight really lies in my abdominal area and nowhere else. So I figure most of the fat I will be taking from for a BBL will come from that area since that is my most trouble area and I'd be able to shed my dead weight from that and proceed with grafting my body the way I would like it to be after I have this done.

I've seen a lot of success stories with Dr. Yily and Dr. Duran ( yes I too would like to travel to DR to have this done for the same obvious reasons). I feel as though here is the US they don't have really that much of a "WOW" after affect of their procedures. Especially for what they're charging you for it.

I'm leaning towards Duran. I love the way her patients come out. And it seem as though her patients are pretty pleased. I haven't read any bad outcomes as yet. And that's a HUGE plus for me. I love to do my research before doing anything.

This is very important to me. So I wouldn't want a bad experience anyway. The only thing is I've seen a lot of people say they've contacted her via Facebook. That is a social network I do not partake in. So if anyone can message me a different way to get ahold of her that would be great!
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Duran or Yily (not sure yet)

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You have an amazing ass.
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me too I am planning to go to duran late January
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Have you made contact with her yet?
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no not yet
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...What date do u have n mind?
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I'm aiming for late in the year. December and if not then Jan 2014
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When are you planning to do your surgery? I too want to get my surgery done in DR but Im not in such a rush because this is Plastic Surgery-Get that Body right season. That being said the doctors are busy.
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December-ish or Jan. and I'm the same as far as I'm not in a huge rush. I'm not doing anything special this summer but work! Lol I'm not really the "party girl" type anymore for the last 3 years. And you're definitely right about that one. Everyone is running around all amped up because its about to be summer. Which to me is a bit too late because they're spending the time they should have fun doing crazy things and don't really realize they're not enjoying what they're "working" so hard for. I've read stories on here and see it takes a couple of months after the procedure for you to really be able to move around like your normal self again. It's so much you have to maintain after.
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