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I had smartlipo done two days ago on my abdomen no...

I had smartlipo done two days ago on my abdomen no bruising just swollen. I must say local is not a good idea i would recommend full anes. this is coming from a person who can take pain.

My question is what type of garment should i wear is their a specific model and i also wanted to know if it is safe to take milk of magnesea since i am experiencing constipation after the procedure?


Our doctor is going to special order our compressive-wear based on the areas we are having done. After a certain time, I was told we could switch to spanx undergarments. check with your doctor to be sure on all of this.
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Hi Mindy, You can read other Illinois SmartLipo reviews here: Illinois SmartLipo doctor directory. Scroll to the bottom to see reviews from other Chicagoans.
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I am very interested in your results and your doctor, if you would recommend them. I live in the Chicago area and it seems that most of the reviews are out-of-state.
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he gives u realistic expectations

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