Fresh Start / Mommy Makeover

It has been a dream of mine for many years to have...

It has been a dream of mine for many years to have the apron of shame removed. I have been around 200-220 for most of my adult life and while I do embrace my curves at this point, the apron and saggy boobs have to go! I once lost 65 pounds on WW and was at an all time low weight of 165lbs. The constant obsessing over every bite and working out multiple times a day wore on me over the next two years at which time I slowly regained the 65 plus another 20. At an all time high weight of 240, I finally made some changed that I have mostly been able to sustain. My procedures will include a full TT w/ flank and back lipo plus BL. It is my hope to maintain as much volume as possible with the lift and lose as much belly and flank fat as possible with the TT.

I had a good consult with the first Dr. I saw. He was warm and understanding and gave me a good idea of what someone of my body type and weight could expect as an end result. The quote was $21k for a drainless TT and other procedures already listed. On the eve of committing to a date, I mentioned my plans to a good long time friend who suggested I see Dr. Mariotti who did her TT.

Dr. Mariotti and his staff are amazing! From the first contact, to the thorough consult, to the financials and scheduling, every interaction with his office was a dream! I have received my pre-op materials and have made my initial deposit for my March 12, 2014 Mommy Makeover with Dr. Eric Mariotti.

It has been a tremendous help to read so many reviews of women who have similar stories and even bodies like mine. The resilience, strength, courage, self love and motivation has been amazing. Thank each of you for posting your journeys. I will add photos soon, once I get the courage to do so. LOL
Mariotti is my dr as well. He did my BA 18 months ago, I'm getting my TT on March 17th! He is a great PS! Congrats on your weight loss and good luck on your upcoming surgery!
Alidoshus, Thank you!! I'm inspired and a little bit scared too. It's a major undertaking, but your stories and encouragement make me know that I can do it too. Looking forward to the flat side!
Congratulations on making your decision to join the flat side. The ladies here are amazing for sure. If you have questions just ask. Keep us posted.

Before pics...

Okay, here we go...
Congrats on your decision. I had my reduction in October, and my TT/MR 3 days ago. So happy I did both. Keep us posted on your journey.
My date is March 14. I'm having TT, muscle repair, breast lift and lipo. We can be surgery buddies! Congrats! I know you'll look great!
Congratulations Soon2b! Yes, let's be surgery buddies for sure. What things are you doing now to prepare for the big day? I am trying to reduce 10-15 pounds to get the optimum result. Can you believe we are actually doing this?

Is the DR really less than half the price of US?

Okay, so I am not flush with cash and have noticed how nicely the DR prices fit into my real life budget. From the reviews I have seen, most people are fairly happy with their results, and I have to say so am I from the photos posted. Can anyone tell me good reasons NOT to consider the DR? Dr. Almonte specifically. I like her results on larger women such as myself. Heeeelp!

Inbox is fine also.
I'm so glad you're here paying it forward and sharing your story! Thank you! One issue with leaving the country for surgery is not having follow up care near your home if anything were to go awry later in recovery. It's something to think about. I hope you're happy with whichever decision you make! Please keep us posted!
Angiemcc you are correct and in fact that single factor is the reason I am staying with the PS I originally signed on with. The "hands on" care post sx is critical for me and I would feel most comfortable in that environment. Kudos to all the ladies who have and are traveling abroad for the sx. I do realize that there is no one right PS for all. Thank you again for your input.
Congratulations HappySuzy! You are on the flat side! I am looking forward to following your progress. Keep the updates coming!

Staying with my US PS

Okay, I love the work that I have seen by many of the DR PSs and even went as far as getting a quote. At the end of it all, for me, I made a real connection to Dr. Mariotti and his staff and that's the right fit for me. I appreciate the community support in this forum and love that there is a "right" PS for each of us. Continued success on your journeys ladies!
Good luck! A must have for me was a great stool softener and tons of pillows. I slept in my recliner for awhile too
ExTheFlab thanks for the recommendation. I have added those items to my growing list. It's becoming more real with each passing day.
Some days it seems surreal, then other days I'm freaking out...LOL I'm so excited I can hardly stand it :) I'm also trying to get at least 10 pounds off to get better results. I eat when I'm stressed, so it's not going very well. I have been exercising though, and started eating a lot of veggies and lean protein. I'm debating on getting a walker. Do you think it's a necessity?

Started Adipex and low cal diet to assist with pre sx weightloss goal

Okay, so menopause has turned OFF my metabolism apparently. I walk 25 miles per week and have recently added various workouts in the evening including Cardio X, BBL Video and Pilates 3 days a week. With all of this I have lost 1 pound. I seem to constantly crave sweets and salty foods alternately as if I am PMSing every day. This caused me to seek out a diet program that includes appetite suppressants.

Any other ladies in this forum use Adipex (Phentermine) prior to having sx? I was told to stop taking it 3 weeks prior to sx as it may interact adversely with anesthesia. That date is set with an alarm on my calendar. LOL
Soon2b I am going to get a 4 post cane. I'm afraid that with a walker I may bend over more. Also definitely getting the toilet seat riser. That one makes sense to me. I am NOW eating more veggies and lean protein. Trying to get my head back in the game with all of this. Sx date is fast approaching for us...

More before pics for perspective

I actually like my thickness and curves. I'd just like to tame them and enhance what I don't like. Looking forward to seeing if my Realself after is close to my wish pic (#2 w/plastic surgery simulator app). Just for kicks. :-)

The scale is finally moving!

Well today I weighed in at 4 lbs down. I am thrilled and more motivated to stick to my plan. How are others doing on pre sx weightloss goals? Hope we are all moving closer to our goals. :-)
Hi, I'm lifetime membership WW, I'm keeping my ideal weight for about 2 years now, after lost 80lbs my body was almost perfect with exception my boobs got saggy and sad. When I decided for BA, my friend recommended Dr. Mariotti, He did a great job! Now I can tell, I have a perfect body! Good luck to you, I hope you the best and trust in Dr. M, He is very good PS.
sampiva congratulations on reaching your weight loss goals and for taking the next steps in your transformation. I appreciate you sharing with me because I am a bit nervous even though I too have a friend who had her TT w/Dr. Mariotti. Will post as I move through this process and definitely will post after pics as I can.
Good for you! Keep up the good work. You can do it ;-)

Gathering suplies and counting down...

33 days to go and I am pondering thing like, "How bad will the aftermath be for me?" and "What will my end result look like?" Also compiling my supplies. So far I have secured my toilet seat riser, walker and quercetin/bromelain/c supplement. Still undecided on my sleeping arrangements at this point. Not sure if I want to sleep on the sofa downstairs or rent an electric recliner for my bedroom upstairs. Anyone else have a higher bed, and if so, were you able to negotiate your way in and out after sx? So much to consider and time is ticking away. Hope all of you still waiting for your dates are feeling good and making progress on your pre-sx goals and all those recently on the flat side are recovering smoothly.

The countdown is on!

So now at 29 days pre sx I am having a crazy swing of emotions. Everything from, am I crazy?! To I can't wait to get on the table. From what I've been reading, and I've read a lot, this is not uncommon. I hope that my journey has few bumps, but seeing some of the extremely challenging recoveries of others gives me pause and perspective. I hope for the best for myself and each of you. This journey is an emotionally trying one even from my present perspective.

I think I have all my supplies en route to me now except my PS scripts which I will get at pre op on the 25th. Here is my final list:

Arnica Montana
Bromelain/quercetin +C tabs
Disposable mattress pads
Maxi pads for wound
Paper tape to secure dressing
Wedge pillows for knees and upper body
Toilet seat riser
Small step stool for bed
Granny panties
I already have several loose comfy sleep wear items

I'm feeling a little more prepared. Lost another pound towards my pre sx goal of 10-15. I'm pretty sure I'll make it at this rate.

Hope all are recovering well, preparing well and sharing along the way. ????
Our day's coming girlfriend!! I swing back and forth like minute I'm calm and the next I'm freaking out! I just had a lovely bowl of steamed veggies and 1/2 broiled chicken breast....YES we can! :)
Yes Soon2be times a ticking away. Keep the good habits going. You rock!! I'm doing well with my eating but am sidelined from working out a few days due to the flu. I pray that I love my results and have no regrets. There is nothing else I've done that compares to this journey. Trying to reign in my emotions. Whoa...

A little improvement after losing 7 lbs

I know it's not much, but I'm 7 lbs down and halfway to my pre sx goal. Yeah!!
Excellent! Every bit matters/counts! I lost 12 between my breast and TT surgeries and it definitely helped me. Continue the great work ;-)
Don't downplay those 7 lbs lost- that's a great accomplishment! You're going to look fantastic!
Thank you ladies! The fast approaching surgery date and all of you are provin to be quite motivating. I'm getting more excited by the day.

16 lbs and counting down!

It's hard to believe that I have already exceeded my pre sx weightloss goal! Think I'm going to push for 4 more lbs to make it an even 20. Hope you all are on track with your personal goals as well. March surgery sisters, it's almost our time. Woot woot!!
Wow, look at that hourglass figure BEFORE surgery!! You're going to have traffic stopping for you after :) Way to go girl!
Thank you Soon2be! I'm over the moon with my results. Pre op is today and I am nervous, excited and a little scared honestly. My supplies have all been assembled and our time is ticking away! How are you feeling?

Pre-op Paid Up and a little surprise!!

Had my pre op today and handed over that fat cashiers check. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. LOL! My sx will be at 11 am on 3/12. It will take about 5 hours and the surprise? Wait for it, wait for it, NO DRAINS!!!! The first PS I had a consult with was the only Bay Area guy that did the drain less TT. Well, my PS has been doing for the better par to a year now and learned from the first PS I saw!!! This was the BEST news ever! Also he does not require or suggest a binder for the TT, the compression garment is only for the lipo. I'm super excited about these developments and have my box do supplies assembled and ready for use. This is really going to happen ladies!
I'm so glad your pre-op went well. It really makes it feel read when you hand that check over, doesn't it? Wow! No drains! Lucky you...I'm so jealous! Tick Tock girlfriend :) I had my annual pap test today and officially down 6 pounds according to the doctor's scale. I think I'll hit the 10 pound mark.
Soon2be that's awesome! I know you will make your goal. I am so excited for us and can hardly believe its really going to happen for me finally. Wish I could do the time warp and get to it already. LOL
You are READY girl...CONGRATS on the weight loss. Can't wait to see your results! Not long now ;-)


A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case 16.5 lbs. LOL. It helps to see where I started to better appreciate where I'm going. In 13 short days I will be closer to the flat side. Hope to lose 3.5 more pounds for an even 20 lbs weightloss pre sx. On another note, my family has been super supportive of me in this process and I just want to acknowledge them for halting me to feel even better about my choice. Feeling loved...


Want to thank my family for helping me not halting me. Jeez! LOL
Hi Congrats on your weight loss u look so good My surgery date is march 12 too We should keep eachother posted on how we feel, and progress Good luck !!
jcgetz thanks for checking in and you got it sx sister! Will keep you in my thoughts and will check in on you. 11 days and counting down...
OMG 11 days!! At the rate you're going, you'll be so skinny you won't need any work done :-)

Closer to my sx date, further away from my weight goal...The saga continues.

So, countdown is 8 days 2 hours 43 minutes and 28, 27, 26... You see where this is going. The past weekend I celebrated my 48th Birthday! It was a fantastic weekend full of family, food, and celebrating. Needless to say, I picked up a couple (3) pounds during my reveling. NOT what I had planned, but I am back in the saddle again, and hope to at least drop the three I regained in the next 8 days. Hope all of you are either counting down to your sx date with anticipation, healing well, or already strutting your "new" stuff. Cheers to the RS Sisterhood!
Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful present you're giving yourself! :-)
Thank you Soon2be. It was a great day and yes, I'm so excited for my pending birthday gift! It's the BIG one. LOL. Hope things are good with you also.

...and counting down.

Eerily calm today. Hope you all are doing well.

FIVE (5)...

I'm cool. Really calm...Honest. LOL!
How you doing?!? It's coming up! :) where'd you pick you the bromelian? I wanted to get some but have never seen it anywhere! Did Dr M recommend it? He never said anything about it with my BA but if it helps with swelling I want it! Hope your doing good and keeping calm! Lol


4 days out and back on track with weight loss. Lost the 3 I regained and another 1/2 lb to boot! Woo Hoo! Now to hold the fort until sx day. I can do it!! Picked up te final item for the recovery kit. Ice packs for lipo areas. PS's assistant said this type of flexible pack would fair better than peas. Now I'm just plain ole excited! Hope all are progressing healing preparing reducing and generally well.
Blessings on your upcoming procedure, you seem well prepared which really makes a difference. I pray you receive the results you're looking for but I'm sure you'll look great!
Hey there Alidoshus! I'm good and ready to do this! I found the bromelain quercetin on eBay. It was reasonably priced too. Dr M didn't recommend but I asked Sarah who said she took it and wasn't any worse for it, but not next early better. I'm taking it starting tomorrow just in case... How are you feeling? All prepped and ready?
Hello I start taking my colace, and u need to start to shower with hibiclens right up until the morning of surgery ugh does your doc want u to do that too He also says starting Monday arcina, keflex, famvir, and colace So much stuff !

So Close...

Hope all are well. I'm in the final countdown phase. Less than 2 days away from my MM! Finally feeling excitement and still a little bit of nervousness. Hoping the aftermath is bearable and dare I wish for easy? Some have it so good while others suffer through extreme difficulty. Not knowing where I fit in that range is the prevailing background thought as I get closer to the new me.

I've lost another couple pounds bringing my total to 18.5. Really pleased with my results using the docs diet eating plan. Even without the Adipex, I have been able to maintain my good habits. Well, guess that's it for now. Again, best wishes to all in your current phase of "becoming".
Congrats on your weight loss :) I'm still working on 10 pound and it's not easy. Best wishes to you and Thanks for sharing your journey.
Hang in there and just think every pound you lose pre sx allows your PS to pinch you just a little bit tighter. LOL. That motivated me! Thanks for the well wishes. I'm so emotional right now. Almost tearing up. Jeez.
Best wishes! You're so close:)

2 more sleeps and It's ON!

Hello RS Sisters! I can't believe it's almost here! I just received my front closure bras from Walmart (pictured! And they fit perfectly. Nice and soft and back support for my post lipo situation. I've also added a pic of my back before since I will be having flank/back lipo as a part of my MM. Also a pic in my wish dress which arrived today too. I love it and once the belly gets snatched, I will be rocking this one to a ball later this year. Happy prep, healing, weight loss, and enjoyment to those many months out from their sx. ReeRee's big adventure lifts off in 1 day, 1 hour, 17 minutes and counting down...

Back pre lipo

Better pic. Less exposed.
Today's the day! Woot! Woot! Congrats! Yay! :) excited for you!
Good luck tomorrow! Your going to do great!!!
Thank you! 2 hours and 7 minutes til check in! OMG!!

The Big Day is Here...Finally!

Okay RS Sisters. I'm heading out to check in fluffy and check out flat! lol best to all others having sx today and continued happy healing to those before us.
Saying a prayer for you girl! I'm hoping your surgery goes quickly, effortless recovery and the results you're desiring!! I can't wait to hear how it went!(hugs)
Good luck. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Good luck! You will do great..

Made It to the Flat Side!!!!

Well ladies I made it! Have been sleeping literally for the past 12 hours pretty much. My sx too 5 hours and so far, with pain meds, I'm comfortable.

We arrived at the Surgery center at 10:15 yesterday morning and got the consents out of the way. Next I changed into my sexy open back hospital gown and received my IV with just fluids initially. Dr M came and marked me up while hubby was sitting there. He seemed kind of uncomfortable with some guy drawing on me. LOL. Next the anesthesiologist have his spiel and then I said goodbye to my love and began to drift off to sleep. Apparently it was a rip can winkle sleep because I recall anything else until 12:30 a.m.! Nurses said hubby was here for 4 hours waiting for me to wake up and that he fed me ice chips. I'll have to take their word for it. Teeheehee. I walked to the bathroom once so far to pee and will be heading home in about another hour or so. Here's the one post op pic I was able to get. Will update as I roll through the process. Take care all!
You looks awesome mama! Just think, in one week, you'll feel so much better.
Thank you cliquot333. In a bit of pain right about now, but I think it will be greater later. :-)
Wonderful news! Sleep, meds and lots of water. "See ya" in few days, lol. Best wishes for a smooth and speedy and recovery. HUGS :-DSuzy

Love the flat tummy, but where is waist?! LOL

The animal print dress is a before and which begs the question, where did my waist go?!! Hopefully it will look better after the swelling from lipo goes down...I hope. :-/
Oh wow, you look great!!! Sure after swelling goes down you will have the waist you envisioned. Hope your pain is minimal and you have a smooth recovery.
Looks great! Ah I'm jealous you don't have drains. I am such a clumsy person I hope I don't rip them out on accident lol! You will continue to heal and I'm sure you will see your waist when the swelling subsides! Congrats on your hard work and journey!
Looking good! I have a question: How much was your weight pre-op?


...finally, and that is all. :-)
Looking good and the waist will return :-)
Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing the waist again. :-)
CONGRATS! And keep up the good "work", LOL :-DSuzy

Rest, Water and Walking, oh My!

Hello All. Hope you are well, healing or preparing for sx with great anticipation. Yesterday I was a bit tired and cranky despite receiving loving and patient care from my husband. It made me feel go when my sister stopped by to "see it" and exclaimed, "Oh you got snatched!!" Hahaha was ready to change to Worth It at that moment. Today I've been mostly resting, hydrating and walking periodically. Uneventful and trying to reduce meds a bit going forward. I've noticed stinging, numbness and random "pinging" in my abdominal areas. Intermittent and not terribly painful, but it gets. Your attention. LOL.
Another thing I've done today is reflect on the good fortune I had the day I found RS. You ladies and the PSs on this forum have demistified t

Update Continued and typo corrections

...have demystified this process and allowed me to feel as prepared and informed as one can be in advance of such a personal and enormous endeavor. Thank you for being a part of my journey. I will update tomorrow after my PO visit and unveiling. #soanxioustosee!
Thank you for your review! I agree that everyone has to go with the PS that they feel is right for them. I really think once the swelling goes down, you will see a big difference in your contour. But you look great already! I'll be following your updates!
Congrats on your surgery! I go in on Thursday morning. I look forward to reading about your continued recovery.

Day 6 PO, Post Op Appointment & Reveal

Hey Ladies. Hope all are doing well. My post op appointment went really well I am in awe at the results. The human body is amazing my incisions are closed so nicely already on the outside. Now for the completion of the internal healing. When looking at my breasts for the first time, I said are objects in the mirror larger than they appear? LOL. It is as I expected and I understand they will fluff a bit more. I measure a 40 D. But I have a couple of 40 C bras that I can get into. Hmmm. Dr. M. said my stomach will be completely flat after the swelling subsides. Overall I am thrilled beyond belief. So happy I did this for me. My belly button is so sweet. I almost cried when I took everything in. For me, this is a perfect result. Not a perfect body, but one I can again be proud of. Pics follow.
U look great!
Thank you so much. Feeling better each day too. Will update on Monday after my next PO visit. :-)
You're looking really good! I can't wait for my PO appointment Friday! I'm just as excited for that as I was for surgery.... Maybe more! I want to see what's going on

10 Days PO & Photo update

Hello RS Sisters. It's been 10 whole days and I have to say today I feel better than any day since sx. Still swelling in the evening, but that's expected, standing much straighter and generally feeling more normal. Will update after next PO visit Monday. Hope all are doing well and staying positive.
How are things going? I see you had a pre op yesterday! I can't wait for my next appointment. It sounds like your doing well. I'm trying to be patient with this process, unfortunately patience is a virtue I am lacking! Take care :)
Gasp! Am I seeing a waist? See now that the swelling is going down, the waist is appearing! Lol...looking great! The boobs will soon follow. I did not fully started appreciating move until about 4 weeks post op. Now I can just kiss my PS with how happy I am with the results.
Meant mine(boobs)

3 Weeks today...

Hello All. Hope this update finds you well, on your way to complete healing and or flaunting your results.

It has been a mixed bag for me, mostly good. I am absolutely loving my flat tummy and lifted bosom. I didn't know how happy it would make me for sure, but now I know it really is the best gift I have given to myself. It seems that I gravitate to form fitting shirts and dresses that showcase my new trim abs. Also is anyone else like belt crazy?! I tuck in shirts and belt everything! LOL

I am standing 95% straight and went back to work on Monday. I live in my CG and can't imagine life without it at some point. Have ordered a second one since I will likely be in it for 3 months to support my back and flank lipo. My breasts are uneven and still squarish and unfortunately the one that started out larger is now the little one. :-( I will have my next PO appt next Monday and will bring this up with my PS. Hopefully they are just still becoming and will even out. I actually like the size and shape of the larger one, not the tiny more square one. Booooo!

And speaking of breasts, the zinging stinging periodic/constant pains are little more than an annoyance, but they are a constant and I understand it to be normal. I have gone back to icing the larger one just in case what I am seeing in swelling and not legitimate size.

My incisions are healing beautifully and I can hardly believe it has only been three weeks from their appearance. My belly button is cute, cute, cute and is no longer scabby and all the dissolvable stitches have been absorbed. I have lost more weight and am now back in ONEderland at 198 pounds. That's a whopping -32 pounds from the start of my journey. I believe 10.5 was removed during my MM. I am amazed at that number for some reason even though I can totally see it in the mirror.

I am again, mostly pleased with my results. My PS did a fantastic job and now I just want to get back to feeling completely like myself. It will be great to go for a long walk without my stomach muscles clenching up, and I miss sleeping on my side on one pillow. The ritual of the wedge and various pillows is tedious now. Let's get to the good part already. (rant over).

I will add some updated pics shortly, and again wish happy healing and self love to each of you.
Hello there. Going well. You are so right patience, of which I though I had more, is what is required to get to the other side of this journey we are on. Hang in there and continued happy healing to you. My next PO is 4/7. I still have only seen Sarah since my MM on 3/12. Looking for to seeing Dr. M. again. :0)

Week 3 Pics

Week 3 Pics...
You look so good! Your comments about uneven breasts, zinging, etc are just like me. My breasts have seemed to have evened out at 1 month post. Great idea to buy another cg. Mine looks like a child's lovie after years of abuse!
Your results are great and I appreciate the encouragement re shape, size and time. It's just a waiting game at this point I guess. Not really complaining... Okay I was! LOL. Yes my garment too is showing wear from too much "love" so I found one on eBay for $50. Yay me. Hope you are enjoying your results. I'm pretty tickled at the transformation.
Oh ReeRee, you look FAB-U-LOUS! And congrats on entering "One-derland"!!! I can't wait to get there, I'm 205 now, 10 weeks PO from my TT. All your other healing reports sound normal and you are healing well. CONGRATS again, HUGS :-DSuzy

Goal Dress Update

Definitely improved. Though I'm kinda missing the junk in my trunk. LOL still becoming. ;-)
Sleeping on your side is right around the corner. ;) It happened for me at about week 6 1/2. Congratulations on your continued weight loss. Keep it up! =)
VERY nice lady, keep up the good work :-DSuzy
Wow! What a difference! Thanks for the comparison shot!

4 Weeks PO and feeling pretty good

Hello RS Friends. Hope this update finds you all well. Had my 3rd PO appt yesterday and the Dr was pleased with my progress and surprised I wasn't more swollen in my belly. I have to say it stays nice a flat unless I'm on my feet all day and even then it still looks immeasurably better than my before. LOL. He also said I still have some swelling in my back and breasts and that he only reduced me by 8 lbs. my wack math didn't discount the fluid they inject prior to lipo. That was actually good news because I get credit for 2.5 more pounds on my own. :-). Total weightloss (including the 8 from MM) is 34 lbs! I'm thrilled and my hubby is now ready for me to stop. I on the other hand want to lose another 10-15. We shall see what makes sense for my real life ability to maintain and our ability to reach a mtg of the minds on my size. He did choose a plus sized girl on purpose sooooo. Next PO in 6 woks when I'll take my official after pics. Woo Hoo.

BTW Is anyone else experiencing extreme tightening of your abs when you walk at a moderate pace? Also, it seems I can move better in heels than flats. Seems odd, but not cause for alarm.

Okay, on another note, how many people have said they almost didn't recognize me? More than I can count and YES it feels good!

It's so strange to catch a glimpse of myself and not see the flap. Sitting down and still looking shapely...(tear...). It's almost too wonderful for words. Love my results so far and the additional confidence it has given me. It's like a dream.

Sorry for the rambling long update, but I figure you ladies can identify and get it. Here's a few pics to illustrate my points.

Continued happy healing, living, loving, and enjoyment to all.
Your results are tremendous! You look so good so soon after sx! Hope I'm as lucky. Your red and black dress looks fantastic on you. Best wishes.
Thank you so much! Sure your results will make you smile as much as mine make me smile. It just never get old...the joy this procedure has brought me. Success to you.
I LOVE the black and red dress!! You rock it!

5 Weeks Post Op and Feeling Fine

Hello Ladies. Hope all are well, or on the way to wellness.

Things are going well. My bedroom no longer looks like a recovery room since the bedside table, extra pillows and pill containers have been put away.

Sleeping on my side again is one of the best things ever. I still use a wedge instead of my regular bed pillow, but no other accessories. LOL

I'm now able to get in my daily 10k steps or roughly 4-5 miles a day. It feels good to resume activity and I am looking forward to doing some strength training again soon.

While massaging my scars I heard and felt a popping sound/feeling. I looked it up and learned it's the scar tissue breaking down. Also I noticed the few dimples around my areola immediately went away after the "pop". Yay!

Speaking of breasts, they are still uneven. Very noticeable to me in and out I clothes, but are so much better than before. They are softer to touch now, and my nips are a bit less sensitive...thankfully!

Overall, no major complaints. Now for the hard stats.

On surgery day I weighed 211 lbs. a total loss of 17 lbs post sx (8 removed in sx) ; today I weigh 194. My Bust was 45.5 and is now 42; Underbust was 38 and is now 36; waist was 38.5 and is now 35; my stomache was 44 and is now 39; hips were 47.5 and are now 45. A total of 14 inches lost overall.

Here are recent pics (nudies taken a few minutes ago LOL) and others last week at work.

Overall I'm just Happy! Best to each of you RS Ladies.
Now that is some amazing results! Congrats on your journey thus far...I cannot wait to share with you all my results :)))
I'm rooting for you Mz. Diva. You are well on your way!
Outstanding update! Such great news and results (lovin the stats). Continued awesome recovery to you. HUGS :-DSuzy

Say Hello To My New Little Friend

Found this compression garment on eBay for $61 and Love it! My others are looser than is like at this point.

The brand is Vedette and it is a m/36 and definitely holds lifts and supports everything. My hubby said it looks like a had a BBL with it on. LOL. Pics are in the new garment.

Photo of package. Oops!

Pic above
So glad to finally see surgery results from Dr. M on a person of color. You are looking amazing! I did notice a TT scar did it heal just that great. It's not the normal smiley face whic I am terrified of!!! I truly appreciate u sharing ur journey. Please continue! The results are amazing!
I see it but he did an amazing job with placement! How was the pain? Some document it as so horrible but yours appears to have been managed well. As u don't describe it as not being manageable. I have a little one we are extremely active don't know how much downtime I can afford. Lol
Hello shao! Thank you so much. I am very pleased with my results. Dr. M makes his cuts as low as they can safely go for your body shape. He listens attentively to your "wish list" and let's you know what you can realistically expect. I highly recommend him without reservation.

Breasts before weight loss & BL and Now

Had an inbox request for before breast pic. I see it is gone from my review. I must have inadvertently removed it. Here is then and now.

Hope all are well or on their way to wellness in this process.

BEAUTIFUL shape and drop. Congrats! :-DSuzy
Thanks for posting pics of your breast, they are amazing! Happy healing.
Glad to share and thanks for the compliment. They are so much lighter than before. I am scarcely aware of them (except for the occasional zing every now and then). Still healing. ;-)


Hello Ladies. It's been a while since I updated. Hope this more finds you all doing better than before and or coping well with any challenges included in your journey.

My 2 month post op appt was yesterday and I have to say the before and after pics really made me appreciate my journey even more! Pics are incudes with this review.

My weight has fluctuated up and down about 2 lbs at most so I am roughly 193ish most days. Currently I'm shopping for and wearing size 12 in most things and my breasts have settled into a full C which I surprisingly don't mind. My curerent measurements are 42-331/2-45 and that's alright with me!

I have been trying to pop in on your various reviews to let you know I'm thinking of you. Sometimes I haven't commented but know that I am checking in on you ladies.

Praying the best for each of you and continued healing and enjoyment of your new real selves.
Wow, you look amazing. Thanks for the update. Please say a prayer for me. Fri the 30th is my big day.
All the best, you'll be fine & fab on the flat side :)
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Apparently in addition to being a phenomenal PS and human, Dr. Mariotti is also a magician of Houdini proportions! I am in awe at my results which far exceeded my very high expectation! Fantastic experience all the way through an his PA Sarah is amazing!

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