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Completely Recommend - my Son Got Invisalign Instead of Traditional Braces

I paid for my son to get Invisalign instead of...

I paid for my son to get Invisalign instead of traditional braces. We went to a recommended orthodontist who does traditional braces first and got his opinion. Then, we went to our dentist who was starting to do Invisalign to get her opinion. I recommend you do this -- get opinions. Probably 2 orthodontists and 2 Invisalign before you do it -- we just lucked out without more opinions.

The cost of traditional braces would have been about $2,000 more for my son. And they would have been much more involved and painful, along with about 2 years worth of time. We didn't choose Invisalign on price, however; that would be unethical. Rather, it just worked out that we got the less costly option and it worked great.

My son's teeth were fixed in about a year with some discomfort -- after all, you are moving teeth around. But no pain like traditional braces (he didn't know what he was missing with Invisalign -- I had traditional braces for 4 years so I know how bad it can get).

Our dentist was very careful with the Invisalign. She was constantly measuring his mouth and teeth. Sometimes she didn't like the fit of the molds when they would come in so she would send them back for a redo. She was very meticulous.

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She was knowledgable. Gave me a discount for paying for the entire procedure up front. She took her time with my son to get his teeth corrected properly. She listens to my concerns and puts patients first.

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