Best Cure for Acne - Commack, NY

I have been suffering from acne when I was 18....

I have been suffering from acne when I was 18. Those puss filled acne were all over my face. I could not attend the parties just because of those acne. I went for Ayurveda treatment for 6 months but did not find any relief. Then after I wave tried out home cures but they just weent for antibiotics but came back again after a month when I had left those antibiotic. I hnt temporarily. At last my aunt told me to try out revitol acne treatment cream. Just bought it.. In the starting my acne was still but after a month they started diminishing After 2 months they became very light almost gone . I kept using it for 3 months and they were gone completely. The best thing was that those acne never came back.

Great ! Retinol is the only ingredient found in skin care products and one of the most effective ingredient too.
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where do you get that creme from? is it otc and if so where. thanks
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