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I had my Zoom treatment done right after my...

I had my Zoom treatment done right after my regular routine cleaning. This probably can produce the best results. My results were excellent. I did have some zingers but probably not nearly as bad as most others. Here's what I did. Several weeks before treatment, use a toothpaste designed for sensitivity. I used Sensodine ProNamel and it really worked for me. It's already been 3 hours since my whitening and the little pain I did have is gone for the most part. I've also heard of some using a flouride mouth rinse in addition to the sensodine. Save yourself the pain of zoom and prepare yourself before hand.


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Great picture! LOL!  Can we see before/afters of your teeth, too? :D  Also, how many sessions of what duration did you go through to get your results.

Thank you!
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I only did 2 of the 15 minute sessions. I only recommend this in one day. If you want more, I'd book that for a later date.
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