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Am I Dumb? - Columbus, OH

I turn 20 June 26th. So im kinda young still. I...

I turn 20 June 26th. So im kinda young still. I have a daughter who turns 2 June 14th. Before I had her I was 108 pounds, I gained a lot with her and after couldn't loose the weight and I have a lot of stretch marks. When I say a lot I mean most of my stomach! The way I look is a big thing for me. I HATE the way I look, I cry about it all the time. I love having my daughter she is the most important thing in my life and I would never change having her. I just want a skinner body again with no stretch marks. :/ Am I dumb if I get a tummy tuck? Im scheduled to go talk to them about it June 1st.
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It won't hurt to talk to the doctor and I can understand how you are feeling. I feel you need to decide if you are going to have more children before undergoing this type of procedure, it is not an easy one to go through. You are not dumb at all, just be sure before going into surgery and if the surgeon you speak to is too quick to want to do the procedure then make sure to get more than one opinion and I would advise talking to both your primary care dr and you OBGYN!
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I second the motion...
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Yes you are still young, do you plan on having more children? It isn't really recommended to do a TT if you want more babies. Unfortunately the stretch marks are the battle wounds of birth but look at the bundle of joy we get in place of them. LIPO DOES NOT REMOVE STRETCH MARKS!!!!!!!!! The TT will pull the remaining skin down and diminish the appearance what remains but I'm sure you will be much more content with your results and will proper after care and scare treatment there will be some fading as well. Not sure where you are going for consult but after your consult look into DOctors in Columbia or DOminican Republic I got my surgery done in DR at a 1/3 of the price they are far more aggressive with their procedures and you get more Bang for your Bucka!!!!! Just a suggestion and if you see some before and after pictures you will understand what I mean. Best wishes please keep me updated on your progress.
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Aubreesmomma614, You must do what will make you feel better about yourself. Personally it doesn't sound like you need a TT but maybe lipo to remove the fat and stretch marks. Keep in mind they can only remove 2 inches above the belly button then pull down and remove the excesss skin so u still may be left with some stretch marks. I just want you to have realistic goals so that you're not disappointed...I wish you the best of luck!
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