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After a few consultations, I selected Dr. McMahan...

After a few consultations, I selected Dr. McMahan to perform my revision rhinoplasty. I had my first rhinoplasty 11 years ago and I've never completely happy with it. It was an improvement from my original nose (I had quite a hump and the tip was even more projected), but I've always felt that it was still too big for my face. I don't want a "distinctive nose" as one of my friends called it (ugh), I want it to blend in! The doctor said my requests to reduce the size of the tip and bridge were reasonable and attainable. I'm counting down the days until my surgery and hoping it all goes just as smoothly this time around!


You have a very pretty face.. you don't need it.. and this doctor seems to be inexperienced.. you want to go for a more experienced guy
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What makes you say he's "inexperienced"? Do you know someone who is unhappy with his work? Just curious why you would say that and try to make me doubt myself. Dr. McMahan has been in practice for 22 years and all the rhinoplasty reviews for him online have been positive. I felt comfortable with his thorough exam and consultation when other doctors only spoke to me for 10 minutes and tried to push other procedures on me.
good luck
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After careful consideration, I've decided to...

After careful consideration, I've decided to cancel my appointment with this doctor and see a surgeon who specializes in facial procedures. After having a disappointing rhinoplasty with someone who wasn't a specialist, I would like to make sure that see someone who does rhinoplasties routinely instead of only 10 per year as Dr. McMahan said he did. I let my desire to have my ugly nose changed cloud my judgment. I would like my next surgery to be my last one. There's no specialist in my area, so I will begin my search elsewhere.


I think you're beautiful even with your current nose, but I totally understand where you're coming from - I'm looking into getting revision rhinoplasty for the same reason - I still feel like my nose is too big for the rest of my features and just want an 'anonymous' nose that blends in like everyone else's ;). Good luck and keep us posted on the outcome!! x candee
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