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1200 Dollars to Look Worse - Columbus, OH

I had restylane under the eyes over a year ago and...

I had restylane under the eyes over a year ago and I am still paying for it. It is almost worn off under my left eye but my right eye tear trough is still obviously abnormally swollen also have a blue tint where it is swollen called Tyndall effect. Some people say that blue tint may never go away but the swelling should. Also, had it in lower face and that made little difference at all. Definitely not worth the cost, wouldn't have been worth it even for free. I am glad I did the restylane before doing the fat transfer which he was trying to talk me into doing. I have since heard horror stories about fat transfer and I really feel for those people because it is permanent disfigurement, at least mine will go away.

It seems most doctors only want to do procedures such as this, maybe because they think it will keep us coming back more often and take less time for the profit then surgeries. I've tried several doctors and most are all the same at least the ones near me.


Sorry to hear you feel like your under eye area looks worse after the Restylane. Have you considered having it dissolved, or do you feel more comfortable just letting it wear off on its own? 

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I've heard the stuff they use to dissolve it can dissolve some of your own fat so I feel more comfortable just waiting it out. The last thing I want is less of my own fat. Luckily the tyndall effect was minimal so maybe it will go away eventually or at least be less noticeable when the swelling goes completely down. I've read reviews from some people who say they've gotten a good result from the same doctor they later got a bad result from overfilling so who knows what the problem is with this.

It does seem people are pretty split on how much they liked their results after dissolving their filler, so I can certainly understand being more comfortable waiting it out. Just to give you a little more info, from what I understand Hyaluronidase dissolves hyaluronic acid, not fat. Here is a Q&A that discusses it for those interested:

Does Hylaronidase Dissolve Some Natural Hyaluronic Acid?

Keep us posted on how things look and feel. Hopefully it will wear off quickly for you.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

He and his staff were very pleasant, I absolutely wasn't happy with procedure results but never went back to see if he could fix it because I have also heard bad things about the product used to dissolve the restylane. Some say it is better to just let it wear off.

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