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Tip Rhinoplasty - Columbus, OH

I am exactly 5 weeks out from having just my tip...

I am exactly 5 weeks out from having just my tip worked on. I wanted it thinned out a bit.

I am very upset and paranoid as I am extremly not happy with my results thus far. The nose looks big still. My doc told me by three months that I will see the final product.

Anyone else in the same boat that has gone thru this and with time it looked better? Also how much swelling do you think I have left?

Thank you.

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How are you doing now? Are you happier with your nose?

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I had tip rhinoplasty about 5 months ago. My tip was very swollen at the 5 week mark. I've noticed the biggest change in the last few weeks. I know I still have significant swelling in the columnella. I have noticed that after I consume too much salt, my nose is swollen the next day. I know it will take up to a year for all of the swelling to subside and I may still notice subtle changes after 12 months. Be patient. It will definitely get better!!!
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So do u think that I have big changes coming up in the next month r too in regards to my nose thinning out. I am a month and 1 week out.
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It will be gradual. Right at 5 months I noticed a big difference when I saw myself in photos. Take pictures each week. It's easier for you to see the changes in photos.
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Thanks Ladies for the comments.
I am looking forward down the road hopefully in a couple months to have a drastic difference.
I guess the nose keep shrinking. I feel reassured that you felt confident at the 4 month mark.
Gives me hope.
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I had tip work almost 6 months ago. It has gotten better but still swollen. Tape it every night and when you are home. This really helps. Hopefully we will both like our noses in the end. But honestly I was told 6-12 months bc the tip is the last thing to go down!! It gets better but I would not do it again if I had to !! Too long looking weird and feeling self conscience! I feel about 80% better than I did even at 4 months! I hate this healing process!! But stay positive bc it is not forever!
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So at the 4 month mark, you were pretty satisfied with your tip? Was there a big change from the 1 month mark till around 3-4 month? A drastic change?
Did you like your nose at the one month mark..the tip?
Thanks for the fb :)
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You could definitely still be swollen after five weeks. I'm so sorry you're not happy with your results so far. Unfortunately, the only recourse you have right now is to be patient and see how it turns out. If you post a photo, we'd be able to see what you're describing.

Please let us know how you're feeling about things as the three-month mark gets nearer. I know it's hard to wait!

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Thanks for the comment. I will keep u updated each month and hope I get the results that I have longed for. I was ignorant to the fact that the recovery process is one hard road and that you look worse before you look good.
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