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Excited About Surgery, But Should I Also Do Chin - Columbus, OH

I've always hated my nose and finally have the...

I've always hated my nose and finally have the money and time off to do it. I'm super extited! I'm already had my breast done by this surgen and I totally trust him! That's why when he suggested a chin implant would really improve my profile and give me the look he thinks I'm looking for, I beleive him. But I cannot decide what to do about doing the chin also.

I feel like that would be much more "fake". I mean I'm not trying to be a super model, I'm just a normal person, so is doing that much work to myself too Majoir? What do you guys think?

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ok ive had 3 friends whom my surgeon suggested a chin inplant to:

2 of which turned it down (they didnt need it to look good we all agreed)

and 1 which decided to do so and she hated it. she said it made her look "witchy" and had it taken out 2 months later!

hope this helps
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A picture would be helpful...

Please read up on potential risks and complications regarding chin implants. Also, the satisfaction rate for this particular surgery seems to be much lower than with many other cosmetic surgeries. View Real Self's 'Worth It Ratings'.
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