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I had both upper and lower eyelids done as part of...

I had both upper and lower eyelids done as part of a face and neck lift on May 23, 2011. I was so tired of not being able to wear eye makeup and not recognizing myself in the mirror. I iced my eyes and used saline compresses the first days after surgery and had very little swelling after the first 2 days.I used Tylenol 3 for pain the first 2 nights only.

June 7/11. Yesterday when I asked for the senior discount at a store I was asked to show my driver's license!!!
I still have swelling on both sides of my face but my neck and eyes are pretty normal looking now.

That's fabulous! :) Congrats on your surgery.

I also live in Columbus, OH and am thinking having this surgery. May I ask what Dr. did your procedure?
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. B is very gentle and low key. I never felt pressured to do more surgery than needed. He was very frank about expectations and recovery time.

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