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I am 6 days postop and my follow up appointment...

I am 6 days postop and my follow up appointment isn't until tomorrow (monday). My concern once I got home was that my PS used to completely different size implants. I told him I wanted to be a small D. When I got home I realized that one breast looked larger than the other. After looking at my paperwork, I saw that he used 325cc on the left and 450cc on the right.

I called the office and the nurse told me that I shouldn't worry about that. Before implants, my breast weren't noticably different sizes. I am very concerned and upset. I this normal? I am also noticing some heavy brusing on the right breast as well.


At six days I don't think the bruising should be a huge concern (though do ask about this), but that is a huge discrepancy in implant sizes. Especially if you didn't have asymmetry to begin with. Definitely ask your surgeon to explain his rationale for having done this.

How are you feeling now?

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