Scheduled an Appointment Today for Combo Lipotherme and Vaser - Columbus, MS

Arms, Waist, Lower Abs, Inner Thighs, Saddle,...

Arms, Waist, Lower Abs, Inner Thighs, Saddle, Banana Rolls Bags.

This afternoon I attended my consult at Eden MediSpa & Laser Center to discuss the procedure. Dr. Childrey and Cindy were very patient in walking me through the process and all of the things to consider. I have never had lipo, and I am keeping this private so I decided to wait until mid-July. Please comment if you have had a considerable amount of areas performed at one time. How long were you out of work? Has anyone had Vaser in combination with lipotherme before? This site actually has three laser technologies available for use during each procedure and customize their approach based on the patient. I am nervous, but so excited! Wish I could do it tomorrow, but I have a beach trip coming up July 4th and know I will not want to wear compression garments to the beach! Also, any tips on minimizing lipo scars? I will try to post pictures following my surgery!

How did it go? I live in Columbus and was thinking of using Dr. Childrey. Results, recovery, and cost??? Any information would be helpful. I also have several areas to be done. Did you use laser lipo or another procedure?
How did your surgery go? I live in Columbus and thinking of having multiple areas done. Any insight into cost, recovery, and results. Appreciate it.
I am setting up a consult at Eden MediSpa in a few weeks...I am interested in Laser Lipo in my tummy and thighs. I would LOVE to hear your follow up on how your surgery went and how you are recovering!
Dr. Gregory Childrey M.D.

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