My Mini TT Experience - Columbus, OH

Would I do this again? Not sure? Even though I...

Would I do this again? Not sure? Even though I have said to others it was worth it, I am not sure you are ever really prepared for the final outcome. I think it's the expectations that come with it? Let me just say, that my surgeon did a great job. He did the job that I paid him for. Do I look like a super model? Oh heck no!!! But, my tummy is flat (depending on the time of day) and I have gone down a pant size. Now here's where I struggle with the thought, "did I do the right thing?" I had what my PS referred to as an extended TT with liposuction of hips, love handles and abdomen. The surgery was a breeze. The swell hell that I experienced in the heat of the summer, not so much fun!! I am 8 months post-op & still experience swelling on a daily basis. I look great in the AM but feel very "thick" in the late afternoon & evening hours. The swelling seems to be worse after exercise, too? I noticed after the liposuction that my body shape seemed to change? Is it possible that I am fatter in other areas?! Did the fat just go to another location in my body??!!! I am hopeful that I will see more positive changes when I am 9 months & 12 months post-op. I am looking into lymphatic massage, too. Obviously, there will be more stories to tell at a later date.


Welcome to the community.  The swelling is something else.  Hang in there and this will improve.  Mine taunted me for 7 months but some take longer.

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