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31 Y.o Mommy of 3 MakeOver - Columbus, GA

I have been considering a tummy tuck now for about...

I have been considering a tummy tuck now for about three years, been going back and forth about it. Seen a couple friends of mine get the procedure done and their results and confidence was just awesome. I want to feel great I have lost weight but the flab is still there. Finally I want this done. For me, myself and I. I'm making arrangements for my children this is why I'm getting it done in the summer so that I will have time ti heal properly. I'm still reading and watching other's as they go through the procedures as well to pick up more pointers.


Little over a month to go.....are you getting excited?
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Good for you!!!  You go for it and be proud of what you are doing.  

I am happy you joined the community and that you are sharing your journey.

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Thank You so much it's been a long journey coming & I'm mored than ready. This site is very helpful and giving me alot of understanding & knowing that I'm doing this for me is great!
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The provider I chose is the one two of my freinds used and his work results was great!

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