10 Months and Counting Down Until my Surgery - Columbus, GA

Hi everyone. I am new to this so bare with me. I...

Hi everyone. I am new to this so bare with me. I am 30 with 2 kids. I have been wanting to have this procedure done for about 5 years now. I started saving money and will have enough by April of next year. I am not lucky enough to just run straight over and drop 7 grand on surgery and I don't want a loan for all of the interest I will pay back. I have 40 pounds to loose and by the time I get the weight off I will have all of the money saved. I booked my surgery for june 2013. Im super excited and scared too. This is real and I can't believe I am having it done. I picked a great ps and everyone in the office is so nice. I have done all of my research on the does and don'ts, got a list for before and after surgery, I am working out and making myself heartier. This surgery is my drive to loose this weight and save every penny I can. I hope this all goes well and everything works out. I am self employed so taking time off to get well is no problem and is very important for me. Anyone have suggestions to ease and calm y nerves.

thank you for the positive feedback. i really need comfort and peace of mind. went today and i now have my appointment in april for consultation and suuurgery prep. im just too excited

Just under ten months now. it seams like it will...

just under ten months now. it seams like it will never get here. i keep pushing myself and saving every penny i can find. im so excited and i find it hard to sleep just thinking about it. does anyone have tips to help calm the nerves. since i am saving for this and not getting a loan. ive cut back on all spending and doing extra things to make a dollar. i guess you can say where there is a will there is a way.
Hey BeccaW! I am now 8 days post opt and I was a duffle bag of nerves leading up to the days before my surgery. I didn't take anything the night before but when I got to the surgical center I was put at ease :)

Now in the mean time. DO NOT go onto Youtube and look at any taped tummy tuck operations. TRUST ME DON'T DO IT! :) LOL!

Take a picture of your tummy in the most absolute worst outfit you have (lingerie, bathing suit) and look at it. This helped to calm me. Actually seeing what I was working towards calmed my nerves and replaced my fear with determination because I knew that I did not want to look that way anymore :)

Another thing that will make you nervous is being unprepared. Although you are saving there are still a few items that you will need. The more prepared you are the more you will be able to relax. My top items were

1. Raised toilet seat (purchased at walmart for 20 something dollars PLEASE get one you will be so happy that you did... if you get nothing else make this the one item you get)
2. Shower chair (also purchased at walmart for 20 something dollars)
3. Cough drops (your throat will be super soar and achy after surgery and you will want to cough. Trust me have cough drops on standby to try and supress as many of those coughs as you can)
4. Lots of comfy pillows (you will need the support)
5. A water bottle that has a straw (make sure it doesn't leak and can be kept super close like boyfriend/husband close. You will sleep with it like it's a teddy bear)
6. Support (start surrounding yourself with people that support your decision and will be there to help and keep you company during recovery. Start now feeling alone as the days get closer will only make you more nervous)
7. Realself.com....things started off slow for me at first but now my page is the place to be so come hang out sometime and begin to make friends! LOL!

Also as your day gets closer ask your Dr. if he can prescribe you something to help with your nevers and to help you sleep. In the meantime, take bubble baths with candles , hang with your kids, if you have a hobby kick it into full gear. My passion is photography and the 3 weeks before my surgery I took more pics than I had taken all year! LOL! And don't forget to still spoil yourself to a treat every now and then although you are working out.

I hope this helps and that I wasn't to long winded! Good luck to you love! It's all going to be so worth it!
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I have seen some of the tummy tucks that came out of this office and the results are amazing.

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