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I had a brow lift, facelift (lower with neck...

I had a brow lift, facelift (lower with neck lift), and eyelid lift two years ago. One year ago I had CO2 laser resurfacing( $5800). I couldn't be happier. I feel remiss in not posting this review much earlier. First I'd emphasize that after I did my research and chose Dr Sullivan, I relied on his professional judgement to make the choice on which procedures would achieve the best results. Second, I did not rely on surgery to do all the heavy lifting ie I eat well, exercise, am religious about sun block, hats, and a skin care regimen that is simple but consistent. Third, don't expect to look 20 at 60, but do I look like one hell of a 63 year old? Yes! Pictures? I do selfies to watch my own progression, but frankly, only one friend knows I had the surgery and we plan to keep the rest guessing.
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His professional training and peer reviews are outstanding. That said, I had no prior cosmetic procedure experience so this was all a leap of faith for me. He made me feel comfortable with my decision and was straight forward with his answers. Don't go in to any surgeon and say make me look like 'this'. Go in with the expectation that he or she will make you look the best you. I would highly recommend Dr Sullivan to be that surgeon.

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Me again. I wanted to give an update. I am back on track for my facelift. I researched about the extrarenal pelvis and it's not as dangerous that I feared. It also suggested that if it would need treatment, I would be having pain or high blood pressure, which I have neither. Whew! A relief. So back to the scary but exciting idea of facelift. I'm so thankful for this site. Learning so much. Thank you, Arisaema, for your sharing and the great advicel, "Go at your own pace. Keep thinking ahead! You are going to be thrilled!"
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Thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate you writing a review. Keep them guessing!
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I would love it if you'd post a few of your selfies here (you can blur out your eyes to protect your anonymity if you'd like). Either way, though, I'm glad you're feeling good about your results! And thank you for sharing. Were there any supplies that especially helped as you recovered?
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Frozen corn wrapped in a washcloth for swelling. I also had straws and instant breakfast handy for first couple of days. Lounge chair was good for 48 hours, After that it felt much better to be elevated in my bed. As magnified as everything seems post surgery, give your body time to heal at it's own pace, don't force an artificial time table on yourself.
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Thanks arisaema. What do you consider a lounge chair? Where you sit with legs stretched out on lounge and back more upright? I am looking at all aspects so I can be ready when my time comes. Excited but terrified but also wanting the results.
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Hello Mahria, An old lazy boy recliner, just as you described. Having my friend there was important as well as just having quiet. Try not to set yourself up for some absolute healing times and or expectations of how you will look or feel at each stage, based on others experiences. Great guidelines, but let your body heal it's own pace. Just keep thinking ahead. You are going to be thrilled. And yes people do say 'You look ten years younger' or 'OMG you look good'. I colored my hair at the same time, as well as said I was getting more rest. All part of the magic.
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Hi again. Well, today I found out I have a big cyst on my kidney that's protruding out from it, so I am putting a facelift on hold until that is resolved. I don't know anything about kidney cysts but will go online to educate myself. Can't get a Nephrology Dr appointment for over 2 weeks. Heart is beating a little louder. Facelift is scary, but now it seems an easier thing to face than an unknown situation in kidney. I don't know if I should post about it on this facelift website, but it is affecting my plans for facelift.
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Concentrate on this from the US Department of Health and Human Services: 'Simple kidney cysts are more common as people age. An estimated 25 percent of people 40 years of age and 50 percent of people 50 years of age have simple kidney cysts.1 Simple kidney cysts usually do not cause symptoms or harm the kidneys.' Think how good it is that you discovered this because of your facelift journey. Best to you and I think all here support you and would appreciate knowing how you are doing.
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Thanks Arisaema, Yes, I researched it and learned about kidney cysts. My also has a protruding external pelvis. I don't know exactly what that is. I saw a drawing on line. But, main thing I got from my search was that if you don't have pain or high blood pressure, you should be okay. Since I had been diagnosed with breast cancer, that is what worried me. I will like to have it drained, since it is quite big, and they can have the fluid checked to rule out pathology. This procedure shouldn't be a big deal. I don't feel so worried as I did before I read about it. I appreciate you quoting what you did about it. Just verifies what I found. So I am back to focus on Facelift. I am considering a different Dr. that one of the gals on this post used and loved. I will keep you posted.
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