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HI ladies Im live in Columbus ohio and looking for...

HI ladies Im live in Columbus ohio and looking for a great bbl doctor any suggestions? only site I keep seeing is dr. shah. I also want a surgeon who does these frequently I need a donk! lol and ladies do you think fat grafting or implants are better? Im looking for projection! im African American so I need a lot of projection lol buffy the body, nikki minaj , serena Williams type booty


I had implants so I'm not sure about fat grafting. I am one week post-op and just had my bandages removed. The recovery is not easy but you can do it! I learned so much from this forum. Tons of good tips and I at least knew what to expect recovery wise! Each day it gets better...Best of luck to you!
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Butt implants in north Carolina? ?????

Does any one know a surgeon in north carolina for this procedure

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butt implants scheduled May 20th!

Do after years of wanting this surgery soooooo bad I finally decided to schedule butt implants along with a tummy tuck with Dr.Shah in Columbus Ohio. He actually went to school with famous Dr.Jimerson and taught him how to do this procedure... He's very honest and up front. I'm totally geeked right now! I've always had long. . Small butt so I'm ready for my shelf! Lol..I didn't cost the fat transfer because it's not guaranteed for the fat to remain in your butt. For the money I'm paying out off pocket I need more a guarantee. On the count down for my summer shelf!!!!


Good luck! You'll be very happy! I'm so glad I had surgery. I will be following your story. :)
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Thank you so much!!! I have been wanting this procedure done for years!!!! I've always hated that my butt was so flat that it looks like it's been beaten with an iron board....lol it really had kinda damaged a little of my self esteem so I'm super nervous yet very excited
Thanks so much! Did you get oval or round

These are my wish pics

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Getting Butt Implants in Columbus Ohio Finally!

So I haven't been pleased with my butt literally lol for years. Nothing sucks worst than being an African American woman with no butt!!!!! My husband said it doesn't matter but I have a little bit of Low self esteem...Me not being able to fill out a pear of jeans etc. I've been wanting this procedure done for years! i'm a full time worker. .spouse..mother and classmate ..working on my masters degree so I finally decided that I want to do this for myself! I'm very excited and yet nervous! !!!! On the count down....that price also includes a tummy tuck


Good luck girl! Can't wait to see your results:)
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Dr. Roxy Gawe in Columbus does the BBL and implants too. She does free consultations and you can see photo examples then. I had a consult is Dr. Shah, and I was comfortable with him, however the staff really made me uncomfortable and mad. It took so long for me to get a consultation with Dr. Shah I regret not booking a consult with Dr. Gawe sooner because I loved her and the staff. Good luck with your search!
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oops I just read yyou already booked with Dr. Shah nvm :) If you are looking to do work in the future check Dr. Gawe out, she completely understood what I was trying to accomplish and I didn't leave confused.

decided not to go for butt implants rather TT

well ive decided to go with the tummy tucj instead of butt implants so hopefukky with a flat stomach my butt will look bigger ....scheduked for tuesday..wish me luck

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dr.bivak shah

He's so very easy to talk to and very honest. He's also trained the infamous Dr.Jimerson .. They both went to Ohio State. He has tons of pictures and really takes the time put to listen to you. ..I'm very glad and comfortable that he will doing my surgery

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