Help Me Choose the Best Size! Columbus, OH

31 yo, 5'5 145# 36c before. Scheduled for a...

31 yo, 5'5 145# 36c before. Scheduled for a lollipop lift with 600 cc silicone implants. I'm terrified that I will look too big.... I used to be a 36dd before weight loss and want that size again, but I'm not sure if the 600 cc implant will take me too far past that goal.
I am also afraid of complications due to the size of the implant. Is it a better idea to go with 500 or 550?
And where are your scars from lift
Who was your doctor? How long were you off work?
I am 5'5 140 .. I went up too 550cc .. I love them .. My doc would not go any bigger and I am kind of happy he didn't let me .. I am almost 2 months out .. Got measure 34 ddd .. Guess the best advice is to go your doctor says!! And what u feel is best for you .
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