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I am 26 years old, 5'5", about 155 lbs and I'm...

I am 26 years old, 5'5", about 155 lbs and I'm tentatively getting 650cc. After having 2 kids and losing some weight the girls are just not what they used to be. My breasts have always been a little "top heavy", (they never really rounded out) and my left is bigger than the right. I've always been self conscious about them so why not get them fixed.

Had my consultation today for the bigger and better boobs today. I feel very comfortable with my doctor; he took the time to go over the pros and cons of all my choices and discussed what I wanted. He suggest that I would also benefit from a lift but he didn't push the issue, which I loved. I am planning a lift at a later date but I should get rather nice results from just the implants right now.


Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Yes, pregnancy can really take a toll on your breasts. Will you have someone to help you with the kiddos during your recovery? Feel free to post some photos if you're comfortable. Congrads on the weight loss!!

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What are your measurements? That sounds really Hugh!!! Saline or silicone..
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Silicone, before losing weight I was a 36D. I believe I have gone done to around a 34C. After having my son I was a 38DD I am hoping to be close to that size again.

Is bigger really better?

So I've been hearing different versions of this question quite a lot today. Is bigger really better? Is 600-650 going to be too big for me. My PS said that I could do any where from 450-650 but that 600-650 would get me the look I was going for. (I showed him pics, Scarjo anyone? lol) From women that I have talked too to some reviews I've read I keep hearing go bigger or you'll wish you had. Which is why I picked the bigger size...... now I'm questioning myself. I think its time for the rice test.

Here are some before photos. I've never taken pics of my breasts before so I was very taken back today looking at these. I just can't help but think "wow, my boobs are ugly." I've never thought they were pretty but now.... just wow.


So exciting for you! I think you should go with your gut and listen to your PS's advice at your last pre-op too!!! A middle ground between what they know and how you feel is at good spot ;) Best of luck. You have lots of breast tissue to start with so be prepared for a nice natural result!!! Keep this in mind too, when choosing cc's!!! You will be so happy :)
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Thank you! I plan to go back and get a lift in a few years. I think I will go with the larger size and reduce later if need be. I'm still gonna do the rice test just to see though. :)
Did you do the rice test yet? I makes a big difference in how big you want to go. I did it and put 2 sports bras on and it was still tough to run and play with my little girl. How old are your kids?
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Is it time yet?

I'm getting impatient! I just want to have my pre-op appointment, decide my final size, and have at it. I just want to have the new boobs and I want the healing process to be over with. I'm anxious to start a new workout program but I know it will be awhile till I can actually go all out.

I bought a few bras to wear for after, I got one large and one extra large, but I didn't get a chance to try them on at the time and now I think I need to return the large. One thing I am worried about clothes wise is not being able to wear my husbands old tshirts. I stole some of his high school tshirts when we first started dating (8 years ago) and I've never given them back. I'd hate it if I couldn't fit in them after. I think it will be a really tight fit but if I could wear them while pregnant with our daughter then I can make it work. lol


Take the shirts with you to your preop appt and wear them with sizers. If they are too little you can always cut the sides and add funky fabric or lace it up with cute ribbon. :)
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Great idea!

Might have to postpone :(

We've had some stuff come up and money is going to be tight. We have the money to cover the gap between the total and care credit but covering this bill and the surgery would empty out our savings. If something happened we'd be SOL and we aren't really comfortable with that. I'm hoping that we can figure something out so I don't have to reschedule.


I hope you don't have to reschedule. Maybe your PS could call care credit on your behalf to get it to cover the full amount.
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Figured it out!

No need to postpone!! Yay, got it all figured out!!! Only 2 weeks I can't wait, bring on the boobies!!!


I remembered that my husband had care credit from getting his eyes done. We called and its still an active account even though it has been paid off. We are going to use that to cover the gap so we don't have to clear out our savings.
YAY!!!! That's great news!

New Mattress

Our new mattress came in finally! We got one of Sealy's high end memory foam with a 25 year warranty. I think with how comfortable it is I should be able to sleep in bed after the BA as long as I use plenty of pillows to prop myself up.

Pre-op is a week from today and surgery is in 13 days! Excited and anxious. I'm a little worried that the pain meds won't be strong enough. I have fibromyalgia and a high tolerance to most pain meds. I also have a high pain tolerance so I think I'll be fine. If I can have my son naturally without an epidural then I think I can handle it.


Getting closer! So excited for you :) Just remember to stay on top of the pain meds and you will do fine. Anyone who experiences a natural childbirth can do this too! I too, had natural births. I won't lie...the BA was more painful than I expected. I didn't stay on the pain meds long enough though. So my advice is to stay on them for a while! You'll do fine.
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P.S. Also be sure to get help with your mommy duties!!! I made the mistake of not having help for long enough. It will make a HUGE difference in your recovery time ;)
Thank you for the tips! I'm trying to anticipate what its going to feel like, one woman described it as when your milk lets down and you have pressure in your breasts. I'm like hell I can handle that. lol Unfortunately my husband has to go back to work the next day but I've already called in the recruits and the kids should be going to Grandma's house.

My parents told

I'm not really keeping my BA a secret lol what's the point? It's going to be obvious. I haven't told everyone though because it hasn't come up or they just don't need to know right now. Like my sister that lives states away, I just haven't had the chance to tell her yet. My parents are there visiting and they tell her the first night without even asking me if she knew first. I'm irritated because she will think that I was purposely keeping it from her when that wasn't my intention. Secondly my parents are just like oh well get over it we told her. As has happened in the past when my parents have beat me to the punch. I'm not surprised because my mother does that shit all the time, doesn't mean it doesn't tick me off every time. My mother is going with me to my pre-op appointment because DH has to work so that should be fun. (Sarcasm lol)

Something else I've been thinking about; why is it that everyone needs to know why you want a boob job? Or if your SO wants you to get it done? Like what's it matter? I'm doing it for me and my husband is fine with that. He has never made me feel anything but beautiful and sexy even when I have strongly disagreed. He isn't however gonna turn down bigger boobs to play with. Lol

I guess that is my bit of a rant done and over with. Hope everyone had a good and safe 4th!


I told my sister already about my plan to get BA and I haven't told my parents and I think I will never tell them :( good luck for your BA. Keep us posted.
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Am I really getting boobs?

Because the fact that I'm going to have implants in about a week doesn't seem real. Honestly I'm a little worried about liking them. I'm kinda comparing it to getting a new piercing or tattoo, its a little painful at first and takes some getting used too but after awhile you hardly notice them anymore. I hope the implants are like that. My goal is big boobs but are big boobs going to get in the way too much? I'm planning on doing the rice test and my pre-op appointment is in 2 days so I can play with sizes again. I don't want to go too big but I also don't want to have to go back in for bigger ones either. I just want to get the right ones the first time.


I find it irritating as well when people want to know the reasoning behind getting bigger boobs. My mom mentioned it in front of my entire extended family on our annual camping trip this weekend. Really don't think it was necessary to tell my uncles and grandparents. I want them. I have the money to pay for them. My hubs doesn't care either way, but wants me to be happy. What do you tell people who ask you?
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lol I don't think I'll ever tell my father, my step dad knows because he is a surgery tech so we were talking about the procedure and my mother would tell him anyway. My father on the other hand just doesn't need to know.

Pre-op day!

It's getting so close! I'm super excited now. Took my mother with me since my husband had to work and she agreed go big or go home. She even suggested the 700cc instead of just 650. Now I've definitely got boob greed! Wishing I had tried on the 800s just to see how they look. I really thought that they may be too big but they look very proportional on me. Just what I wanted to go bigger and to balance out my lower half.

Dr. Shah went over the surgery and what to expect again. I am very comfortable with him. I also love Britney who is my little helper person, I can't think of her title.


700? Holy schniekies!!!! You are gonna have HUGE boobs! Lol
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lol I'm gonna post the pic. They look very natural on me.
Ah, grr! That is so frustrating! I tell people its because I want them and always have. It's my choice and my husband supports me. I haven't run into a lot of negativity most of it has been "get it girl" responses. But it's my body and I'm a grown woman so haters gonna hate I guess. Lol

Sizer pic

I think these look very natural on me and would look even better in a real bra.


My PS chose 655 CC for me (in October) and all my friends are shocked and think they'll be super huge on me- they don't understand that I'm barely a B cup, have very little breast tissue to begin with, and I'm going under the muscle, so I will lose some CCs- I tried to rice sizers on last night and I didn't think they looked "too huge" at all- they fit my frame just right since I'm a little broad in the shoulders/chest area! I think the 700's will do nicely for you.
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You are so right about the 700s looking natural. Actually they look on the smaller side of natural, IMHO. I think they'll be a great fit for you.
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Me too! The more I look at them the more I think maybe I should try on the 800s before surgery. I think that after a little while I'm going to feel like my body absorbed the 700s and I'll want to go bigger anyway. I'd rather only have to do it once ya know?

New outlet

Well, I removed myself from a fitness and health group on fb. We had all been together for about 3 years and a few other girls and I were discussing my BA. Some girls that obviously just don't agree with PS threw a fit about the topic. Instead of being adults and ignoring the posts or being able to compromise grouped together and threw a fit saying that its taking the easy way out and it was off topic. For a group being together that long it was definitely not the first time we've every talked about something other than fitness. They said it brought out their insecurities, like the pics of the girls that weight less than 120 don't make the bigger girls feel insecure? No one tells them they shouldn't post their pics. This is me dealing with one of my insecurities, it doesn't matter what their own personal opinions are on PS we are supposed to be supporting each other.

Any who! The more I look at the 700cc sizers the smaller I think they look. One of my friends said "I can't tell a difference between those and a nice bra." I kinda of agree. I know its boob greed lol but I want to try on the 800s before surgery just to make sure. I wish I had tried them on at my pre-op but I didn't even think about it. DH says he wishes I had tried them on too. I want big boobs and I only want to do it once. :)


I enjoyed reading your posts and I'm excited for you getting yours done. I was reading about your FB group and yes it's funny how other women can't just shut up about others when to be honest, secretly they wanted it too. I have been posting new of "me" in Facebook and not too many of my friends noticed except the ones I told. They are jealous lol. I bet 700 cc will really be perfect size for you . Gosh, I wish I went with 500-550. 475 doesn't even look like I have BA. Ughhh. But then again I'm kinda happy I did not go big coz the pain or recovery was not that fun lol. Question: does your PS recommend you to take acolate for capsular contraction? I always forget to mention it to newbies. Good luck on your journey .
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Did you take accolate? I've heard it does really well when you have a breast that doesn't want to cooperate.
Yes I'm taking it still for 90 days. It was of the thing that PS was strongly suggested for his patient to take the day of surgery for 90 days.

Getting anxious!!

Two days to go and I'm really excited and really nervous. I keep going back and forth between thinking they will be amazing and what if their not? What if my body reacts badly and what if I don't like them? What if, what if, what if? Ugh.


Good luck today...thinking of you!
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             your right your sizers dont look like 70occ! i have 800cc high profile! i love the size mine are and they are big enough for me! but not as nearly big as i thought 800cc would be! 
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If you body doesn't react we'll or you hate them, you can always do fat grafting later. Sounds like you have a touch a cold feet, but think about how much better you should feel...filling out clothes the way you want, being more proportionate, not having to wear a bra just to look like you've got boobs, etc. you've got this! Surgery is gonna go smoothly and you are gonna rock some 800s and look freakin sexy as hell doing it! xxx
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Less than 12 hours to go!

I'll be in the OR 7:30am tomorrow morning and in less than 12 hours I'll have some new girls! Mostly over my fears and excited to see the results. Not sure if I'll update tomorrow depending on how I feel. Thank you for all of the support ladies!!! It really means a lot.


Thank you!

Got them!

Besides the fact that we almost slept through my surgery time lol thanks to me setting the alarm for PM instead of AM. Surgery went very smooth and everyone was great. I went with my instinct and got the 800s! Go big or go home. At first I was hurting pretty bad but once we got home and got me settled in its much better. Doc says no big meals today which sucks because I want Sushi! Lol i know it's due to the anesthesia but it doesn't bother my stomach. Here's a pic of the girls!


Congrats! They look good. How are you feeling? My surgery is Tuesday and I'm so nervous.
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As long as I keep up on the pain meds its not too bad. Just really tight so I've been icing also. Good luck next week!
Looking good ! Congrats !
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First day post

So far so good. As long as I keep up with the pain meds and ice the girls the pain has been manageable. I've cat napped a little off and on too which helps. I can already tell that they have settled in a little because they aren't as high as yesterday but the right one is still higher than the left. I think that's because I'm right handed so the muscle is probably tighter. I still haven't taken the sports bra off but I have lifted it some to readjust.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Day Two

Not doing too bad, keeping up on the meds helps. Got to take a shower today and I had to sit down to shave my legs but I got it done. We even took the kids on a play date this afternoon, that was fine till I had to pick my son up. Let me just say OUCH!

I've noticed that my left is dropping way faster than my right. I'm trying not to use my right arm in hopes it helps. Anyone have any advice on how to get the right one to drop? Doc said no to massage.


Congrats ! I think you will have your wish boobs !!
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Thank you! I really hope I do. So far so good. :)

Back to work today.

I'm back to work today and thankfully I have an easy case. First day with just Tylenol for the pain and I'm doing alright so far. Still icing the boobs every chance I get. Lefty is dropping nicely but righty is still pretty high and tight. It has dropped a little because it's about three finger with down from my collar bone instead of just two. Trying to use my right arm less so the muscle relaxes. Will post pics soon.


How are you feeling ? Can't wait to see your pics of your new boobies . Yay for big boobies !!!!
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Hey! I'm feeling a lot better. It's like over the last two days it's just gotten better. Thanks! Gonna post pics of the girls tonight.

Happy One Week!

So the girls are a week old today. The feeling in them is starting to return which means they are a little tingly at times. I can tell that I've done too much recently because my chest muscles are hurting. Occasionally when I move I hear/feel a bubbling on my left side, hope it goes away as I heal because I don't know how much I'm going to like hearing my implant. Lol my right one is still higher but it seems to be dropping slowly. Let me see, the last time I took anything but Tylenol for the pain was Sunday night before bed. I've been more swollen than painful so ice has really been helping. On the other hand I had to take laxatives twice to get anything moving again. My stomach was so bloated that I looked pregnant and I was so uncomfortable. I stepped back on the scale and 6 of the 10 post op pounds I gained have gone away thankfully.

Yesterday was our anniversary so I dressed them up nice for the first time. With the bloat it was hard for me to find anything to wear lol I also don't like tight tops yet. I tried wearing a t-shirt with a tank under it the other day and it just felt like too much pressure.


Happy to hear your doing good !
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Wow congrats,i agree with you 100℅ in go big or o home. I started out with 375cc but for my body shape that is wayy too small i switched to 450cc saline. I cant wait until the waiting game is over. Good luck on your road to recovery
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             congrats! how are you liking your 800cc? i have 800cc too i love mine! 
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Looking hot !!!!
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