Wonderful Experience W/ Rhinoplasty (Video Diary) - South Carolina

I chose to have Rhinoplasty because my original...

I chose to have Rhinoplasty because my original nose was too long and pointy for my face. I wanted a nose that complimented my features and one that upturned a bit to give me definition in the tip. I was nervous before getting into the operating room, but this is normal. The only complaint I had was the room was too cold. I was surprised how painless it was once I woke up. Everyone wants to say it's the hardest surgery to go through with but I felt absoloutly no pain. I didn't like the fact I couldn't breath through my nose but I got used to breathing through my mouth.

The second day was uncomfortable only because that is when the brusing and swelling starts to show. My eye's were puffy and swollen and I didn't like the way it made my face look, but of course that all goes away in time (two weeks approx.) My splint did come off the third day and because there wasn't enough pressure on my nose during the time it was off the white part of my eyes turned red. My doctor actually changed the type of splint he used because of me. Getting the packing taking out was a relief. It doesn't really hurt to get the packing removed. I would describe it as an itching sensation. Getting the stitches out is what HURTS. It's like someone is plucking hairs out of your nose.

On day nine the majority of my bruising was gone but my eyes were red for two months following. This doesn't normally happen to anyone so don't worry. It happened to me because of there not being enough pressure on my nose after operation. They are perfect now. I am going on three months post op and my nose gets better looking everyday. I have to sleep sitting up for another three months, however, or it will swell up and that is a con about the surgery but it's not enough to make me not wanna do it.

The other con is how long it take to see the results because your nose really does swell a lot. Everyday you see improvement. It's amazing. I love the way my nose looks now and I can't imagine it getting any better but it's looking better everyday just like my doctor said. I highly reccomend this surgery to anyone who is thinking about it.


Columbia Plastic Surgeon

He is the best doctor I know in South Carolina. I did research on a lot of doctors and went to many consultations but this guy had something special. He's done my breasts, now my nose and is doing my ears this year as well. He sees something that we don't. In other words, he can picture exactly what needs to be done to improve an imperfection. Not to mention he is a nice guy!

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Hi Ashley, I had a rhinoplasty and facelift on April 11 and STILL have black eyes! How long did your black eyes last?
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Hi Ash,
Thank you for all your vids, they have been helpful.
I hope that all is well with your last year nose job.
I did a rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago, and I'm still not happy with my nose.
In fact, a hump has formed near the base of my nose.. Do you remember developing something like that?
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I didn't develop anything like that but I have heard of things like that happening. You should be going back to your doctor for visits and if something is wrong then he will tell you. I am actually going back to get revision at the end of this year. I think the tip of my nose is too round :p
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We'd love it if you'd start your story (and maybe post more videos!) over in our Revision Rhinoplasty community!

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Alright!! I would be happy to.
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Hooray! :)

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Thanks for replying dear ^^
Will do.
You're going back for a revision? Really? I think your new nose is much better than before :)
Looking back..we haven't seen how it looks now after more than a year!
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Wow Ashley! Thanks for sharing...you just changed my mind. I was seriously considering having it done this month, but when I look at what you went thru...my God, my God. I think you should go punch your surgeon in the face and see how he likes it! That is a lot of damage that he did to you honey. You would think in this day of medical science that you would never have that much internal bleeding, and swelling to your eyes and face. What the hell did he hit you with a cast flat-iron and 20 lb mallet? I have never seen a case this bad. But thanks for showing us how much you must love yourself to go to these extremes. My sister had this surgery back well over 30 years ago and she looked almost as bad as you-(not quite as bad in the eyes though). You would think in 30+ frickin years this so-called surgical professionals with all of their self proclaimed brains and degrees hanging on their walls, would have mastered a methodology that does not have to beat people up so bad just to get a nose fixed. Thanks again, for helping to change my mind!
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Oh no, it wasn't his fault at all. He is great at what he does. My split came off while I was sleeping. I was supposed to sleep on an incline but I ended up falling asleep on my back. I rolled over in my sleep and ended up with my pillow in the face...splint came off and I interupted the blood flow in my scleras. If you get it done, you should be fine!
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Ashley is bruised, but this is normal after rhinoplasty and fades quite fast. In my case, a few days of bruising was certainly worth the results. And it's not like I was going out on the town right after surgery anyway.

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Your surgery came out really good. I must say that's some of the worst bruising and swelling I have seen post rhino, so it appears that sleeping on a incline is really important. Look forward to another update, how about a six month one ?
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Oh, I have a lot of videos. I love making them. I am about to do another one that explains why my bruising is so awful. My doctor actually changed the splint he used because of me (I feel special) :-) he said it did not put enough pressure on the nose and that is why my bruising was a bit more noticable. So I have already helped the people getting nosejobs after me! Plus...falling asleep face first in the pillow the first night didn't help. SLEEP ON AN INCLINE!
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Cool I look forward to seeing it. I watched all your vids so far and appreciate the input especially since I'll be getting my procedure this winter. Face first in the pillow on the first night !? WOW your like the Rocky Baboa of nose jobs : ) Just curious, I don't think you touched on this in your vids but did you vomit any blood after surgery ? I heard this happening to a few people who had the surgery.
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Thanks for telling us your story here on RealSelf. If done well, rhinoplasty can be a fabulous thing to do for yourself.

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So good to hear about a happy rhinoplasty outcome.  Love your advice about doing your research.  Thanks for sharing

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