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My Journey with my Stomach - Columbia, SC

My background consists of years of hanging fat...

My background consists of years of hanging fat from pregnancy and overeating without exercise. I am tired of standing in my closet, trying on everything and not feeling good about my body. I have chosen to get a TT because I feel this is the only way I can feel good about the way I look. I want to be able to wear a regular tee shirt and jeans be able to sit down without my stomach hanging over my belt. I want to finally stop holding my stomach in and breathe better. I have some reservations. I have scheduled my surgery on 3/29/12 for a TT, Lipo, Hernia Repair, and muscle tightening. I'm concerned about the scar. My PS suggested that I go up a little around my upper hip to make me less wide and make my butt look bigger. Fortunately, I like the width of my upper hip. I do have some reservations about that but otherwise I'm excited. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. TRS

Columbia Plastic Surgeon

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Show some b4 and after pictures
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I am tired if my overhang belly and sides I have had 4 children and tired of holding my stomach and trying to breathe at the same time. I want my tummy done asap.
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Can u show us pics of your tt
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Congratulations! If you are happy with your hip area...there is not need for the scar to go up around the hip, right? It is so difficult to decide on somethings..isn't it? I mean, you know what you want and are comfortable with, but do not know what the outcome will be. I was in the same predicament..to lipo or not to lipo? How will the scar look? How will the belly button look? How will the recovery be? etc.... These nagging questions drive me crazy. But only you know what is best for you, and the rest you just hope the doctor will do a great job, which most will. I hope you are able to get a resolution to your queries and know you will not have the hanging belly over your jeans...btw, I feel the same way..no belly to tuck into my jeans anymore. Hopefully we can stay in touch, as my surgery date is also on the 29th. Take care.
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Hey I was lookin at your pics are tummy are just about the same boat I am having my surgery on march 14th 2012 at 530 am I'm super excited but scared to I'm also having brachioplasty which is an upper arm lift the same day I have been looking at a lot of pictures on youtube and most of the women do not need to surgery so I was wondering if the surgery would work on a tummy like mine LOL you can fine me on Facebook tabetha Ruby in meridianville Alabama
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My procedure is schedule on the same day as yours! Full TT with Lipo. I can relate to a lot of what you feel. One of the worst things is trying to figure out what to wear every morning.
As nervous as I am about the procedure, I am very excited and looking forward to feeling normal again.
Best of luck to you!
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