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At age 48+, I mentioned to my aesthetician that I...

At age 48+, I mentioned to my aesthetician that I was not happy about the recent appearance of lines above my top lip. She suggested Juvederm would fill those lines, so I scheduled an appointment with the office plastic surgeon. I made it clear I wanted subtle results so it would not be apparent that 'I had work done'. The next thing I knew, I had 6 injections of Juvederm in my top lip, 3 injections in each side.

It has been 12 days, & I'm very unhappy with my result as it is not subtle, & my lip protrudes beyond my bottom lip, making me look like I have a 'quack mouth'. Several coworkers & friends have asked me why my lip is swollen & I notice people looking at my mouth quite often. My lip still has painful lumps & is asymmetrical also.

I plan to have a reversal in 2 days & have wasted over $500 so far.

Yes, he used a full syringe, which I found odd since I wanted such subtle results. I didn't know he planned to use a full syringe.

From this Q&A it sounds like 1 syringe is often what is used for both the top and bottom lip when a natural result is desired.

How Many Juvederm Vials Needed for Lips?

Unfortunately I can see what you mean about the upper lip looking unbalanced compared to the lower lip. :( Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us. The good thing is Juvederm can be dissolved, so at least you aren't stuck with the results. Please keep us posted how that appointment goes for you.



I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like the way the Juvederm looked in your lips. Its never fun to feel like people are staring at you like something is wrong. :-/ Judging by the price you have listed, I'm guessing you had one syringe put in, is that correct?


I returned to my doctor today and had 2 injections...

I returned to my doctor today and had 2 injections of Vitrase (hyaluronidase) to reverse a portion of the Juvederm injections from 2 weeks ago. I must say the doctor and office staff were very sensitive to my concerns. The injections were made where the philtral columns touch the lip as this was the site of the most protrusion. I will see if this gives me a more natural look, and if still not satisfied, I will return next week for more injections in other areas of my lip. The doctor told me it would take 4-5 days for the Vitrase to work completely. I could see an almost immediate result within a few hours. For those of you wondering about a possible refund, the answer is, No. But, I was not charged for the Vitrase injections. We will see how this week goes. Oh, and evidently hyaluronidase is a lamb product, so, if you're allergic to lamb, this is not for you.
Megan P. You are a lovely person. Your grace is something to be admired.
Sucks that Sheba didn't get what she wanted from juvederm. Maybe a different cosmetic procedure would be better fit for you. Like smart lipo to your chin. But there's no take backs with that. Good luck. And keep your chin up

75 yrs old this week. Just had touchup of Juvederm, initial application was 9 months ago. I had only a few places that had just started to "go away" and needed to have them touched up. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results. to tell you how bad i was originally, first let me say I smoked for 50 years...I needed 5 vials, for ( )'s, marionette mouth, turned down corners of very wrinkled lips. I now have a lip and a lip line, smooth upper lip and Marionette and ( ) have all but disappeared. It takes a good month for my face to look normal, just a little puffy and one or two tiny bruises, but they all go away in time and I fee a look so much happier and healthier. it is tough when you are 75 and nature is having it's way with you, this at least offers softening and smoothing to ravaged skin. I say...Go for it if you can.


You are 75, on the computer using social media, and getting Juvederm?!! Wow, you rock!! I hope I am like that when I have celebrated as many birthdays as you have been blessed with!

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I chose this provider after having several other procedures here after purchasing a Groupon. I feel the plastic surgeon could have taken more time & could have done a better job with placement of the filler.

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