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Ever since I was younger, since middle school,...

Ever since I was younger, since middle school, I've wanted to develop bigger breasts. I knew that I wouldn't grow melons because genetically, all of the women in my family have big butts and smaller chests, so I didn't expect anything drastic but I at least hoped for SOMETHING. Now that I am a 20 year old college student, working, and starting a modeling career I think that getting my boobs done would be the thing that would make me the happiest.

I am completely in love with my body the way it is. I am 6 foot tall, 135, with a nice tooty booty....but a 32A. My boobs haven't grown since the 7th grade when I was 13 or 14 years old. My 21st birthday is in March so I told my mom as a birthday gift, I want her to help me pay for new boobs!

After christmas, I will be calling around to different places near my area to find the best PS and once I find them, I'll schedule my appointment. I've been researching a ton and since I have a really small frame up top, Im thinking 275cc would be ideal for me. Ill keep updating yall on my progress and I love reading everyones journey, it gets me so excited to start my own and makes me less nervous! TTYL


Good luck with your search. Feel free to call my office and come in for 3D imaging and to try on implants.
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Thank You and you are the surgeon I've heard awesome things about so I'll definitely come in for a consultation!

Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf. I'm looking forward to following your journey!

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