love latisse!!! -Colts Neck, NJ

Started using it 4 months ago and my lashes are...

Started using it 4 months ago and my lashes are GORGEOUS now! I had VERY short sparse lashes. I'm a natural red head, so they are also very light. Now they are darker, thicker and MUCH longer! I wish this product was around years ago! I'm sorry I didn't start it sooner! It's the best $150 I've spent on a cosmetic item my whole life! No joke!!


Thank you for your great review. I just started using Latisse a week ago. Of course I haven't seen results, but I know it takes at least one month to show results. My lids and eyes are itchy, but I'm hoping will build up a tolerance for Latisse. Your review is inspiring. I hope I can eventually write a positive review. Thanks again.
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Thanks for sharing!  Did you experience any skin darkening around the lashes?

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A little bit, but I already had red/dark rimmed eyes. I have VERY fair skin so sensitive areas do tend to look "irritated" on me all the time. I wear makeup every day, so a little concealer under my eye makeup hides it all just fine. It's worth it to have such beautiful long thick lashes in my opinion :)
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