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I am 3 weeks post procedure after a full face....

I am 3 weeks post procedure after a full face. Ultherapy's brochure states in part " is unlikely you will need pain medication during the procedure. Many patients describe the sensation as momentary prickling or heat beneath the skin." Oh if only!! I completely agree with others that Ultherapy grossly misrepresents the level of pain. I took prescription pain meds for this and had my whole face done. It literally feels like sharp hot needles are being shot into your face - deep, intense pain. Even with pain meds, the pain at times was almost intolerable to the point of giving up. Also, when I lift my eyebrows, the right side of my forehead goes up but the left side no longer does. This is a direct result of the procedure. This side effect, or any risk/side effect, was never mentioned as a possibility, either by my doctor's office nor in the brochure. Is it permanent? I have no idea, I'll just have to wait and see. I can only hope that in the next few weeks I get the results they display in the brochure. Otherwise, I've just wasted $2500.


Thank you, designtime, for your honesty. At 44, I've been considering ultherapy as an altervative to cutting. I'm blessed with no wrinkles but sagging due to weight loss, especially under the chin. Has anyone successfully had loose skin tightened due to weight loss and which type procedure did you have? Thanks.
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Had the procedure last week around the eyes - didn't pay a lot cause I found a deal. Eyes are really puffy (kind of goes down during the day, so I can still work) and a little bruising on one eye. Also have the experience of right eyebrow "frozen", although I'm already getting movement, so not too worried about that. Seeing beyond the puffiness, I do see a definite improvement. However, I also combined procedure w/ botox. I was warned about the paralyzation, if you've had chicken pox, that virus stays dormant and can be triggered into shingles, nerve paralyzation. To help prevent this, my doctor prescribed Valtrex to take a week prior to procedure. Be sure to ask about this! As to the pain - unbearable even w/ pain meds. I also came very close to just stopping, but the dr. Talked me through it. I have a high threshold for pain, so I can't imagine someone who doesn't surviving the experience! I won't do it again w/o novacaine. I might do jawline if this goes well.
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Thanks for you reply. I canceled my appt, a plastic surgeon told me that it will probably end up being like thermage with very so so results. I will wait til it's been out longer. The plastic surgeon also told me that many company reps get on here and make up stories.
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