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Hello all am a mother of 3 girls a 14-8-4'' I have...

Hello all am a mother of 3 girls a 14-8-4'' I first consultation on oct25 :( looking dor a faster day but the doct did not had any openings till then..I what to get a TT and lipo and fat transfer to glute area/hips..but not sure if is posible to get this done at the same say ..have any of yous had this done all at the same time nt how much$$$ :-)
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I had a tummy tuck with hernia repair done at the same time. I think it's up to your surgeon. He will best know how many procedures your body can reasonably handle at once. I'm excited for you!!! I have 3 girls as well. I'm abt 3 weeks post op and I feel this TT was so worth it. My procedure alone was $5500. My insurance took care of the hernia repair and associated hospital fees.
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I'm not sure about cost but know those procedures together are possible.
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I really hope so ..some one told me no due yo with a tt you have to me on your back allthe time !! Have so many question and this site is so good !!! Thank you for the reply !!
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