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Hyperpigmentation is the Problem - Colorado

I'm a fair-skinned Asian. Thought I was fully...

I'm a fair-skinned Asian. Thought I was fully prepared, but still got very bad hyperpigmentation. Fine lines around my eyes are gone, texture of the skin is better, but with the hyperpigmentation, I still look 10 times worse. Very disappointed!

I have to say now 2 weeks after the treatment, my skin looks much much worse than before. Although the texture is great, the fine lines around my eyes are gone, the hyperpigmentation is killing all the benefits! I have to put 3 layers of makeup to cover the brown/red/patchy skin. For the little benefit I got, this is not worthwhile...


Thanks for your concern. Now almost 5 weeks post procedure, I noticed my hyperpigmentation is starting to lighten up. I can still clearly see the grid/track marks, but they are definitely lighter. I think one reason is also that the erythema has significantly decreased, thus the hyperpigmentation looks light-brownish instead of the "bronze" look 3 weeks ago.

I will start to use the triluma cream next week. I heard skin is healed around 6 weeks after laser, and I didn't want to prolong its healing too early.

Sorry to hear you are having to deal with hyperpigmentation. What did the doctor say about it? Is it expected to fade over time?

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I'm a fair-skinned Asian, fully prepared prior to the treatment (bleaching cream, test patch, low energy setting, etc.), but still developed hyperpigmentation problem. This is horrible!

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