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Tummy Tuck & Lipo of the Flanks. Not Sure if Its Needed?! - Colorado Springs, CO

I'm 23, 5'4 1/2, weight is 148 pounds... I was...

I'm 23, 5'4 1/2, weight is 148 pounds... I was 268, so I've lost 120 something pounds all natural... But now I have a buldge & extra skin that will not go away no matter how hard I workout to get rid of it. I do have two kids an I'm not planning on having anymore so I think it's time to fix what I cannot.

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Go with your gut (literally) on what you need and expect and it will be what you had hoped for. I am nervous but my bf just said this is the right decision so nothing that occurs can be wrong.
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Your completely right, I think a full TT with Lipo of the Flanks is what will give me the best results for what I'm hoping my body will look like.
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Had similar experience with weight loss and now the extra skin and belly bulge which just does NOT go away. I am one day pre-op for tummy tuck and lipo of flanks. I am excited and feel it is a reward I deserve for the hard work of losing weight. If you choose this path, I wish you the best!
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I'm excited for you..... I've researched for over a year now an have talked to surgeons online about a tummy tuck I just don't know if im going to need a full one with lipo of the flanks or mini tuck and that's it, I'm moving back stateside soon an will just go in for a consultation an see what is said.
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