Tummy Tuck & Breast Reconstruction at Age 40

I had a tummy tuck along w/ breast reconstruction...

I had a tummy tuck along w/ breast reconstruction about 3wks ago. I have no regrets getting it done. I was told that I had 3.5lbs taken off my belly.

I would recommend to anyone considering this procedure to be realistic of the pain and discomfort that will be experienced in the first 2wks of having the procedure and the scarring (along w/ "dog ears" to possible form). Also to be prepared to wear a binder (if recommended by your surgeon which my did/does) which will be a discomfort for everyday activities. It's a life changing procedure, but prior to having it done to do your research and ask questions even if you think it's sounds ridiculous.

Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

Prior to surgery my doctor wanted to remind me of the scarring and how it'll get better bit by bit.

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Hello: I scheduled to get a Tummy Tuck on December 17th. Realistically, will I be somewhat mobile for Decembet 24 and 25th? I have never actually spoken to a real life person who has had this procedure. So I am very nervous. Thank you!
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sorry for the delayed reply. i will be honest, it really depends how you heal and feel. you will be mobile but you know your body, so you know when to take it easy and to stop and rest when you need to. also becareful of your food intake (i.e, of what and how much) and also i highly recommend NO consumption of alcohol beverages. i hope some of the information i had given you has helped. and hope to be able to be a support for you before and after your procedure. good luck :-) p.s. i only knew one person that did have the procedure but it was almost 3yrs ago and she did not remember too much of it and really did not have much advice for me.
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May I ask who your provider was in colorado springs?
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The doctor's name and contact info are shown at the top of the review. Hope this helps!

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sorry for not replying back sooner. though i believe someone had posted the provider's information i had used was in my intro. if any questions or comments, just reply back.

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