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Sculptra Bumps Under Eyes - Colorado Springs, CO

I had it done a year ago. It took a long time to...

I had it done a year ago. It took a long time to see any difference at all and even then I could barely tell. Now I have hard bumps under my eyes. My doctor said it was scar tissue and the only way to remove them is to cut them out.


Hi Denver,

Oh my, cut them out!? That sounds horrible, I'm so sorry. Are you going to go through with the procedure? Have you considered going to another doctor and asking about Hyaluronidase? Sometimes it helps break Sculptra down. A second opinion is sometimes good too. Please keep us updated.

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Hyaluronidase. Does not "dissolve" sculptra. Nothing does. Surgery MIGHT improve your appearance but you may need several surgeries and your eyes may NEVER look right. Mine don't. Welcome to sculptra hell.
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