Redness Along Length of Tear Trough Post Juvederm

I had Juvederm injected in my tear troughs by an...

I had Juvederm injected in my tear troughs by an oculoplastic surgeon about a month ago. There is significant Tyndall effect under the right eye that I know can be relieved with hyaluronase. My bigger concern is the deep red line that has developed under my right eye along the tear trough and beyond toward the outer edge of the eye. It is definitely worse looking than before I had any treatment and concealer cannot cover it.

I have important grad school interviews coming up and I wanted to look less tired and older than my years. I thought I needed a lower bleph but the surgeon suggested Juvederm instead. It has definitely filled the bags under the eyes but the bruising lasted 3 weeks and now the Tyndall blueness and obvious red line along the right tear trough has resulted in my looking worse than before I did anything.

If it resolves on its own, it will be worth it but I will not repeat the procedure until I am much older and much more in need of repair.

Any ideas what this is and whether it will resolve on its own? I have been doing warm compresses every night since the 3rd day, with no improvement. I don't think it is an allergic reaction because it is so localized and not painful or swollen. But it is hideous.


At 8 wks out now, with one injection of hyaluronase into each side, I still have pronounced blue Tindall splotches beneath each eye, below which there are distinct pouches where the filler perches. So I look truly awful in direct overhead light. However, when I wear makeup and avoid overhead light, the filler does raise the troughs to level with my cheeks. It's an imprecise science no doubt. I don't know if I will do it again, perhaps by a different doctor. I hated the deep troughs more than I hate the blue and pouches. The red line is fading, so I have hope of a few months where I look good before it all gets absorbed.
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I had rystaline under the eyes to hide the tear troughs and it has been 9 weeks now and it's awful. I still have bruising although beginning to worry it is permanent and have visible lumps and fluid. The Dr said the fluid will settle down but it is all uneven. He said he had never seen such bruising as it was me that was the freak and not his fault. I went to him because he performed upper eyelid surgery on a fellow work friend and she looks fantastic.
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Having trouble getting a good pic of my own eye. Def not infection, I suppose granuloma is possible, though there are no blisters. That would be sarcoidosis right? The surgeon who did the filler said he thought it was rosacea, put me on Elidel even though that's off use for rosacea. It's not improving the problem at all. Best to describe it as a distinct line of closely spaced red spots tracing below the blue-tinged overfilled area. I asked if they were injection sites but he thought not. I do have some adult acne on my nose and forehead, but I don't think it's rosacea as I tried metronizadole when the pimples first cropped up a few years ago. I will make an appt for hyaluronase for the bluish pillows and see what happens to the red linear feature. Yes I look quite a bit worse than before the procedure and I haven't found a concealer/ foundation combo that covers it, especially in direct overhear light. Will post when I get a photo and again after enzyme is used.
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