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I had my procedure done November 30, 2012 and I...

I had my procedure done November 30, 2012 and I went in for a check up in February but I am wondering why the bottom part of my stomach is bigger than the top. I also have a slight dent between my top and lower abdomen. The doctor says its just fluid but I'm worried it hasn't changed in 2 months. Some days it looks better than others but never any significant change. Should I be worried? I really hope it improves. I weighed 137 before and now I weigh 134. I wasn't a big person, i just had a daughter 2 years ago and had a mommy pouch. Any advice would be nice., thank you.

how do I find your question?
You posted this as a review go to the top and click where it says ask a doctor. It takes 24 hours for it to post but some answers to your question would be nice to know.
I just posted it on there thank you! i wasnt sure i was doing it right! hopefully i get a good answer.
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