After 12 Treatments of Vaser Shape I've Lost Only a Couple of Centimeters. SO NOT WORTH THE MONEY! - Colorado Springs, CO

I started belly dancing about 2 years ago....

I started belly dancing about 2 years ago. Recently I was asked to study with the "professionals" and would be performing. We meet for 2 hours a week, at which time I got to stare at myself, in the mirror, while being surrounded by beautiful slender women. I'm 36 years old, 5'10" tall, and I weigh 165 pounds. I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, but I really wanted to get rid of the buddha belly and the beginning of saddlebags. I heard about Vaser Shape and decided to research it. Based on their testimonials and the before and after pictures the results looked awesome, and exactly what I wanted. I already eat healthy, and exercise regularly, I just couldn't seem to lose my midsection. Since I couldn't find any "real" reviews, I decided to go for it. Each treatment takes a little over an hour long. It does feel like getting a hot stone massage, although it can get a little hot at times. I never got burned, but if they don't keep both metal pads on you, it feels like you're getting a mini zap or like you've just tested out the oven burner and found it to be hot. I made sure to drink lots of water as they instructed. I chose to get 6 treatments on my stomach. After the fourth treatment I hadn't lost a single centimeter. I then asked to switch and do the last 2 treatments on my saddlebags, thinking maybe I had dense fat on my stomach which wasn't responding. After my sixth treatment, still nothing. They then agreed to give me 4 more treatments on my saddlebags for free, saying that they've found 6 treatments to be the magic number for results. After completing now 4 treatments on my stomach, and 6 treatments on my muffin top, I still had NO results. The offered 2 additional treatments on my stomach, again to reach that magic number. I've now endured 12 treatments, and may have lost a total of 2 centimeters around my waistline. I couldn't be more disappointed. It was a complete waste of my time and money. I wouldn't recommend this treatment to anyone!


I wonder If u were too thin for the tx? Vaser can go down to depths of 3 inches so maybe they had u on the wrong setting. You can change settings to make it more shallow. Also you gotta heat the fat to 47 degrees C to get the cell wall to break and the fat to liquefy. To do this you have to tx an area the size of a piece of plain white paper and no more. Vaser does work but you gotta choose the right candidates and use the right settings.
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Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. What a bummer to not see any significant changes. :-/ It is pretty nice that they offered you the free treatments though. They must really believe they can/do work if they kept trying. Still, that doesn't help the fact that it didn't work.

Btw, that is really cool that you were asked to dance with professionals!! I've done some very beginner level belly dancing and absolutely love it! I wish I had more time to devote to it - such a beautiful form of dance.

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Thank you Megan. My instructor is amazing, and getting girl time is nice. I love to dance in general, but belly dancing gives me a safe venue without needing a partner. :)

I was thankful they offered additional treatments, and the facility I went to all the staff were really nice and fun to talk to and get to know. They really wanted satisfied clients. They were all very honest, and unfortunately for them, they spent a lot of money on the equipment, but were having poor results with many people. I'm wondering if maybe they got a lemon? They were just as frustrated as I was because they do care, and the representative for Vaser kept telling them everyone else is getting good results so it must just be them. But honestly, what kind of sales rep is going to say, yeah, this treatment doesn't really work, but please send me a bunch of money and buy the equipment anyway. It's just an unfortunate situation. :(

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