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I would like to say that I love my implants, but I...

I would like to say that I love my implants, but I can't. I can't even say that I like them. I hate them. I initially got them because I was tired of my sagging breasts but then I only ended up with really, really large saggy breasts. I had my saline implants removed, a breast lift and a little smaller silicone implants put in. I though maybe if they weren't saggy and a little smaller then I would grow to like them. But, sad to say, I still HATE them. I have seen a couple of doctors who have all, up to this point, convinced me that my breasts look fine and I would hate the results so I should just learn to deal with them. My husband likes my breasts just how they are now. I so want to get them removed but am afraid that if I have a bad day I will only hear an "I told you so" from my husband. I am going to keep trying until I find that one doctor who can give me hope and will support my decision.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement. I love...

Thank you everyone for your encouragement. I love reading other posts as they strengthen my resolve to do this. I have contacted two other doctors and have appointments for consultations. I hope I find "That One" that will reassure me that I will be making the right decision and the results won't be hideous. The doctors that I have seen up to this point have all made me think that the results will be gruesome and revolting. Thanks to all those who have posted pictures.
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I pray that you find the right doctor to do what is best for YOU!
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I think you will find very few women who regret having them out. It's such a great feeling of relief once everything has settled down and you have healed. Feeling natural is the ultimate. Thinking of you as you make your final decision. Put yourself first. No one else has to live with the implants - only you.
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Hi. I'll second what Angie has said. There are doctors out there who will support your decision, keep searching. Also, ask your husband to support you. He might like them, but you don't. And I'm sure your happiness is more important than his liking for your boobs. Personally, I feel like a million dollars with my smaller, natural boobs, and my confidence is now through the roof. I don't think there's anything sexier than a woman comfortable with her body. Hopefully he will feel the same.
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You keep looking and you'll find a doctor who gets this. I'm sorry your husband isn't supportive of your explantation, but it's your body and you're the one who lives in it.

You might want to give these doctor's offices a call and see if they support breast implant removal. If you're firm in your resolve and the doctors can see this, they'll usually go ahead and do it for you.

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